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747v2 with 400ER and ERF?

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Curious if PMDG is considering the 747-400ER and ERF to include with the 747v2 project. As I understand they have higher MGTOW and fuel capacity than the standard variants. Don't know if that would require a lot more programming or not. No biggie if they aren't part of the 747v2 package, just curious if they are considered.



info from Wiki



The 747-400ER (Extended Range) was launched on November 28, 2000 following an order by Qantas for six aircraft.[18] This was ultimately the only order for the passenger version. The −400ER can fly an additional 500 miles (805 km) or carry 15,000 lb (6,800 kg) more freight. Qantas received the first −400ER on October 31, 2002. The 747-400ER included the option of one or two additional 3,240 US gallon body fuel tanks in the forward cargo hold. Manufactured by Marshall Aerospace, these tanks utilized metal to metal honeycomb-bonded technology to achieve a high dry weight-to-fuel volume ratio. Similar technology has been used in the development by Marshall of body fuel tanks for the 777-200LR and P-8A Poseidon.



The 747-400ERF (747-400ER Freighter) is the freight version of the −400ER, launched on April 30, 2001.[18] The 747-400ERF is similar to the 747-400F, except for increased gross weight capability which allows it to carry more cargo weight. Unlike the 747-400F, the type is not fitted with the cargo compartment fuel tanks. The 747-400ERF has a maximum takeoff weight of 910,000 pounds (412,769 kg) and a maximum payload of 248,600 pounds (112,760 kg). It offers the cargo airline the choice of either adding 22,000 pounds (9,980 kg) more payload than other 747-400 freighters, or adding 525 nautical miles (972 km) to the maximum range.[28]

The type has a maximum range of 5,700 miles (9,200 km), about 326 miles (525 km) farther than other 747-400 freighters, and has a strengthened fuselage, landing gear and parts of its wing, along with new, larger tires. The first −400ERF was delivered to Air France (via ILFC) on October 17, 2002. Boeing has delivered 40 Boeing 747-400ERFs with no outstanding orders as of 2009.[3] The last 747-400 was a −400ERF delivered on December 22, 2009.[6] The new 747-8 Freighter will have more payload capacity but less range than the 747-400ERF.





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I believe the ERFs were more successful than the standard F but your right that the ER wasn`t very successful. I would love to see a 747-400M (combi) included

Joe Barton


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