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Dave Morgan

Airfield doesn't show in RC plan

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Hello all.


I suffered a minor problem with something (... ) in my FS9 installation during the weekend. I have a registered version of FSUIPC 3.999 and RC 4.3.3845


RC doesn't seem to recognise Roberto Julio Gomez' addon SAYJ in the Antarctic. The airport shows no fault when examined (and recompiled) in ADE,




it appears in FS9's map and appears correctly in the internally generated flight plan:




title=SAYJ to SCCI

description=SAYJ, SCCI




departure_id=SAYJ, S62* 14.28', W58* 39.84', +000000.00


destination_id=SCCI, S53* 0.80', W70* 50.73', +000138.99

departure_name=Base Jubany

destination_name=Carlos Ibanez Del Campo Intl

waypoint.0=, SAYJ, , SAYJ, A, S62* 14.28', W58* 39.84', +000000.00,

waypoint.1=S1, IRJ, , IRJ, V, S62* 11.45', W58* 58.95', +000160.99,

waypoint.2=SC, PWL, , PWL, V, S54* 55.75', W67* 37.20', +000088.00,

waypoint.3=SC, NAS, , NAS, V, S53* 0.22', W70* 51.22', +000136.99,

waypoint.4=SC, D257O, SCCI, D257O, I, S52* 59.91', W71* 16.04', +000000.00,

waypoint.5=, SCCI, , SCCI, A, S53* 0.80', W70* 50.73', +000138.99,




But it doesn't show up in RC's Flight Plan box while the nearby SCRM is ok.






I have remade the scenery.cfg with FSTscenery.exe, and rebuilt all the scenery.dat prior to running MakeRwys v 4.60 Since the airport count when I run MakeRwys matches that from CollectAirports.exe, and other airfields in the same folder G:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\avsim scenery\Argentina\rjg\arg antarctic\Scenery\ work ok I'm certain both RC and MakeRwys are working as they ought.


Any ideas? Could you run through things that may cause an airport to fail to appear? It's not a big problem, more of a curiosity- 9 nm of VFR to SCRM and I can finally get off the Antarctic continent. I'm unlikely to return, so it's only a matter of waiting for the fog to lift.


Kind regards,


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Airports with runways less than a certain length are excluded from RC's data. With a length of only about 1150 feet it will definitely be excluded.


There is a technique used in FS scenery building called the "crosswind" or "star" runway technique. It initially used various short runways added to scenery between non-parallel runways about every seven degrees between the real runways. Later other pseudo properties were added.


In order to exclude these pseudo runways a minimum runway length was established and is a parameter in makerwys.exe used in the scenery rebuild. I believe they must exceed or be equal to 1,500 feet.


The two airports excluded from that set are SAYO and SAYJ. I rebuilt the scenery db using version 4.50 however the current version is 4.60 from:



Also today's fsuipc is version 3.999i from:



and it mentions a profile fix. Keep the 3.999 installer handy though. Just move out of your FS folder version 3.999 fsuipc.dll for safe keeping at this point.

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Thank you, Ron.


That makes perfect sense now. I hadn't noticed SAYO also failed to show- I'd been flying VFR around the Antarctic as I have no AI there. I'd just started with RC again on my way back north.


I confess to feeling rather stupid as I have a suspicion I'd seen something about runway lengths in one of Pete's readmes from an earlier version of FSUIPC. It just shows that reading the manual isn't enough: I'll have to learn to pay attention to what I read.


Best regards,


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No apology needed. It is actually in makerwys, not FSUIPC. It was readjusted after RC4's release and while testing RCv5 it was a discussion in the beta group about what was needed.


The former people involved in Project AI and now participate in scenery design and the ADE application evolved the basic technique even further. However the latest techniques were not always applied and for makerwys we needed a more generic solution fine tuning as best we could the runway exclude parameters to best fit all scenery design techniques used so those pseudo runways could be excluded.


In FS9 default ATC the STAR pseudo runways are shown in the ATC runways lists I believe and other runway choice lists. That was noted in the STAR runway design tutorials.


FYI: ADE can assist in creating the STAR pseudo runways. You have to supply the headings in order between two runways and reorder the runway list. The length, width, and center of the runways are offset very far away within limits from the airport center. If you ever wish to try it the tutorial based on ADE but can be manually performed is here:



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