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? regarding install of files

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I've got FSX w/Acceleration with numerous add-ons such as:


All UTX versions - fully updated

FS Global 2010 mesh - fully updated

All GEX versions - fully updated



as well as numerous add-on aircraft & helos. I also have Megascenery Las Vegas and downloaded the following file 'VEGAS_XG' (from the below link) which is for the Megascenery Las Vegas version. Where do I put the included files?

I have a folder within the root folder of FSX labled 'Las Vegas' and within it there are 2 folders and 4 files. The two folders are 'Effects & Las Vegas'. I assume they go within the Las Vegas folder since that folder contains two other folders labled 'Scenery & Texture' the Scenery folder is filled .bgl files and the Texture folder is filled with .agn files.


However the download from from the following site: http://fsx.o.oo7.jp/index.htm contains (2) folders, Scenery & Texture' the Scenery folder contains .bgl files and the Texture folder contains .dds files. Wouldn't their be an issue with the .dds files included with the .agn files already in the current folder within the Megascenery Las Vegas folder?




System specs:


Win7 Ult 64bit SP1 (fully updated)

Core i5 2500k - stock clock

Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3 (BIOS F10)

8GB G-Skill DDR3 RAM

XFX Radeon 6870 1GB GDDR5 256bit (CCC-12.4)

Sound Blaster X-fi Xtreme Gamer

1TB Hitachi SATA-3

1TB Maxtor SATA-2

LG Blue Ray Burner

Antec 650w PSU

Rosewill Black Mid-tower Challenger

Win10Pro 2004-19041.488/IntelCorei7-3770K/GigabyteGA-Z68XP-UD3/32GBGSkillCL7-8-8-24/AsusRTX2070OC8GB/1TBCrucialMX500SSD/(x3)1TBRAWMushkinSSDs/LGBlueRayBurner/RosewillChallengerTowerBlack/Antec650wPSU/X56HOTAS/TtesportsCommanderKeyboardMousecombo/TrackIR5Pro/24inSamsungLEDCurved

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The .agn files are autogen associated with the photoscenery .bgl(s) located in the (megascenery?)Las Vegas\Scenery folder, they can reside in the same texture folder with .dds files without problems.


That said, I wouldn't mix megascenery KLAS and whatever it is you downloaded from the linked site by just dumping everything into the same folder, instead make a new folder "VEGAS_XG" under Addon Scenery and put the new scenery and texture folders there. Activate this as it's own scenery area in the scenery library. It still remains to be seen whether the two sceneries can co-exist in the same FS installation, you may need to place one above the other or vice versa in the scenery library to get them to "play nice" together if that's even possible (I don't know as I have neither). By installing each into it's own scenery area as described you can easily change the layering in the scenery library if needed or even deactivate and remove one or the other without having to sort through trying to determine which files were included with each product.



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