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Please help! Newbie struggling with the Epic Victory.

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Greetings nice (hopefully) people,


Newcomer here, who has recently discovered an unquenchable passion for Flight Simulator X. I’m no pilot, but I’ve grasped the basics pretty quickly, and am at the point where I can—for all *my* intents and purposes at least—fly pretty well. Thing is, I’ve learnt to do so with the use of the g1000 system, and I really like it. It allows me to do things that I can’t do, or can’t do *as easily*, in traditional cockpits.


My flights are pretty simple. I program a route with the planner, take off, set my g1000-equipped plan to follow the approach, and then enjoy the scenery until it’s time to land. Other times, I keep the autopilot on, but follow an IFR route, and follow the instructions by twiddling knobs and pressing buttons to descend, turn, and so on. That’s obviously more engaging and fun. And, truth be told, I’m happy doing those two things for the moment. I’m just mucking around after all.


Thing is, I was introduced to a plane I fell in love with the other day—the Epic Victory single-turbine jet. It was love at first sight, and the fact that it sported a g1000 system made my day. The problem is, although it’s the same system, it doesn’t work as effortlessly as the g1000 in, say, the default Beech Baron 58, and try as I might, I just can’t get it straight. It just functions so counter-intuitively.


My main gripes are with the autopilot. I interact with it the way that most makes sense to me, and the way that works in the Baron, but can’t seem to get it to do what I want it to. I was wondering if someone here can give me a helping hand…


Example problem #1:

I want to set the autopilot to follow my manual heading (the blue reticle that appears on the digital compass onscreen between the digital speed and altitude indicators). I press the TRK button, but nothing happens.


Example problem #2:

I want to set the autopilot to climb and hold a specified altitude, but it just won’t. I press ALT, and that just seems to want to hold whatever altitude the plane is currently at. And adjusting the SEL to, say, 15,000 feet does nothing at all.


Example problem #3:

Button combinations seem to “stick”. For example, when I pair the GPS and NAV buttons together, pressing one of them results in both of them lighting up and triggering again. I can’t seem to cancel that.


There are other, very specific issues similar in triviality to the ones I’ve outlined above, and it’s *very* frustrating. Can somebody here familiar with the plane give me some guidance? I just want to be able to do all the things I can so effortlessly do with the Baron’s autopilot. As it stands, I can’t make heads nor tails out of it…


Thanks in advance.

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Hello Sanjav,


Welcome to AVSIM! I am afraid I don't fly that equipment, but I want to welcome you anyway. This is an infrequently visited subforum that has more to do with Flight School education so perhaps it might take awhile for anyone with the skillsets you require sees it.


Therefore I am going to move this post to the FSX Forum but leave a link here so you will know where it is. I am sure the great guys and gals there will be every bit as nice as you would hope to meet. Once again, welcome to the best Flight Simulation website in the world.


Kind regards,

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Oh, thanks very much for that. In truth, I actually figured out the solution to my problem by hunting down the aircraft's manual and giving it a thorough read. I'm having similar problems with the Cessna Mustang VLJ though, so if anyone could tell me how to trigger the autopilot to climb to a specific altitude, I'd very much appreciate it. :-)

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I've used the Victory and the auto pilot is really something else. You really need to download the actual manual for the auto pilot. The real one works the same way just with more sub systems.


You need to think of the knob as different areas. One part plus the other minus another 10s the other 1s. You hit track then turn the knob to the desired reading then press the knob in. That's how it's done. Sometimes you have to press track more than once to activate the function. You also have to make sure the auto pilot on button is in correct position for the system to work. On is really off and off is on because in the real system it is used to open up all kinds of sub routines which are not modeled in the sim. You know it's in the correct position because if it's not it functions as yaw damper for quick activation at take off to keep the plane on runway heading initially.


If you try and learn it through intuition and logic you have a tough road ahead of you. The Dynasty LT has the same system.

"Why, he just jumped into the air and kept right on going."

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