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  1. Offer of a refund. really? maybe on some secret site no one is aware of. Like this whole sordid affair this outfit really shines. I was an early payer and they have all our contact info. if they were sincere in a "refund" everyone should have been notified. I certainly wasn't. Maybe they mentioned it on their website? I never go there and shouldn't have to. Too many apologists for this outfit. This wasn't a crowd funding thing with a known possibility of it never happening. We aren't investors. Shame on this company.
  2. Sorry but I've run out of patience with this outfit. When you collect money up front from customers and tell them no time frame most normal folks consider what is reasonable. I mean, if you go to sites like indie and pay for or back a future item you expect 6 months a year maybe a year and a half. That is what it usually is. Three years and still no estimates =it ain't coming before the second coming of you know who. This outfit should admit they blew it and refund all their customers in full with an apology. And yes I am one of the advance payers for this software.
  3. There are many airports and runways in FSX where the runways are off. You just need to manually fly those.
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I solved the issue. Even though FSX was installed on my new drive the FSX.config file was installed on the system drive. Once located adding the highmem fix solved the issue. When I added the new drive and installed FSX it dumped all the files into the FSXdirectory I created. There was no users directory hidden or not. (The new drive is not the system drive) I then created the users directory myself with all the sub-directories and moved the FSX config from C to the new S drive but FSX didn't use it instead using the one it created on the C drive.
  5. I uninstalled FSX from my main drive and reinstalled on a new Drive I got specifically for that purpose. The install didn't go well and many of the files and directories were not installed where they should have gone. However I was able to move things around and FSX works without errors now and I got all the add-ons working too. So my problem is after loading up FSX and starting the program, at some point (usually pretty quickly) the video starts to go south and quickly the screen goes to black and orange and flashes and that's the end. I seem to recall from experience this can be caused by not having the highmemfix=1 notation in the config file. So my problem is where is the config file. When the program was installed there was no users directory and FSX didn't create one. A search of the drive only brings up config files I put there and have renamed to troubleshoot. At this point I've renamed all the FSX.Config files I found (all I placed there myself manually) so the program must have put it someplace. Of course unless it is using one off another drive if that is possible. So my options are 1-reinstall FSX again on my new drive after deleting it or 2- trying Steam or saying the heck with it and switching to P3D which I have but never used. Any suggestions Win 7 alienware aurora R4 I-7 extreme Nvidia GTX 1070
  6. You set the control for the altitude you are flying at not the interior pressure. Up to 25000 feet the system will maintain a pressure of about 10000 feet. The annunciator just tells you when you reach 10000 feet interior pressure.
  7. I have the aerosoft Antarctica Scenery and at many runways the same thing happens. As you are about to touch down the plan jumps a few thousand feet like that. Where there are runways on land and well defined it doesn't happen. It's mainly on runways on ice and poorly defined runways it happens. It also happens when the plane taxi's for takeoff and you hit the runway perimeter the plane is catapulted. straight up. That happens no place in the world other than there and it never happened before that software so whatever it is it involves that specific scenery set.
  8. Maybe you are a psychic and know what I purchased. For your information I purchased the program over a year ago and I have received all the updates and notices and at no time have I been given an inkling of when this thing would be complete. No I'm not bitter. I just think the purchasers are being taken advantage of at this point.
  9. There is an issue of reasonableness. I think in the real world when someone purchases something for future release they think months not years. With most things if the release date is going to be that far ahead there should be some indication of an extreme protracted wait and if that was not stated upfront the buyers should be given options. At some point in this "wait" the company should have at least informed customers of even a ballpark timeframe.
  10. Milviz collected money from folks 1.5 years ago and it's only in Alpha. That's outrageous. I would think twice before buying anything from them that's not ready to go. The flight one king air is the one to buy. I have it and it's a great simulation. Maybe Milviz will be better and maybe some day pigs will fly.
  11. yea it's pretty much a legacy product that is what it is. You won't be seeing any updates or improvements in any of their products. Better to go with the Flight one products.
  12. This whole issue is a very sporadic thing. I had been dealing with it for years since the first more advanced aircraft have come out. Sometimes everything is fine for days and even weeks and then all of a sudden the problem happens out of the blue. You can change views and a host of other things and it seemingly solves the problem and then it happens again. In the end the lights setting solves the problem for just about everyone so that must be the true issue. Of course you might be one of the outliers where it's caused by some other issue.
  13. It has nothing to do with having the lights on or not. In the settings you can choose their 3D lights or default FSX lights. Just having it set to the 3D lights is enough to cause it.
  14. A known issue. Several aircraft had it but Real is the last to have not corrected it. The workaround is kill the 3d lighting effects. That solves the problem for good.
  15. I have the F1 King Air and the Turbo Duke and some others and that's not true. You hit the igniters with the condition levers at cutoff and at about 12% in the KA you put them in low idle and the engines start and run great. As a matter of fact if you start the KA with the condition lever at full you will get an engine fire and destroy your engines.
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