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  1. Skimmed through the thread but did not find this asked already. But is this compatible with FSXSE?
  2. Dead End... Well if you mean new features and functionality yes its a dead end. But DT has already shown they are willing and able to make changes and bug fixes and even some performance tweaks. One massive thing to consider is the fact that if you wanted to get into MSFSX it was about 100$ or more to purchase on eBay or Amazon, now its the price of a bag of crisps... well not all the time, but I picked it up for 5$ if you wait till a steam sale you will most likely be able to pick it up just as cheep. More Community, is never a bad thing. For developers its a boom, I would likely say there has been an uptick in purchases since the launch. Stop with the doom and gloom, if nothing else exposing it to the massive power or steam distribution is a great thing for us. It brought me back to FS and I purchased fspisupc, orbx g and v, all 3 rex's and a few planes from A2A and Coranado and i will most likely buy gtx global mesh tonight..... Thats a nice chunk of change into the developers hands that they would not have had if DT had not done the re-release, which means more development on the 3rd party will more likely get, increasing everyone's enjoyment...... I don't understand the hate....DT did a good thing....
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