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  1. In the same area, What was your FPS without the Orlando city addon?
  2. Just got ORBX EU Netherlands. Sitting at EHAM, I'm getting ~50 FPS with ORBX EU Netherlands and ~70 FPS without ORBX EU Netherlands. So far, pretty impressed with the performance.
  3. What is your FPS with and without orbx eu netherland?
  4. i’ve both Latinvfr KSAN P3V4 and Orbx KSAN. With everything enabled for both airports, Latinvfr KSAN is 2x the FPS. 60 vs 30. jimmy
  5. Disable or delete the following file will fix the black tree problem in p3d. P3d was using this "all black" texture instead of the real tree texture. Lockheed Martin\Prepard3D v3\Scenery\Global\texture\2B2_TREESTANDS.DDS
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