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  1. stook2005

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    In the same area, What was your FPS without the Orlando city addon?
  2. stook2005

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    Yes default EHAM
  3. stook2005

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    Just got ORBX EU Netherlands. Sitting at EHAM, I'm getting ~50 FPS with ORBX EU Netherlands and ~70 FPS without ORBX EU Netherlands. So far, pretty impressed with the performance.
  4. stook2005

    ORBX EU Netherlands TrueEarth released

    What is your FPS with and without orbx eu netherland?
  5. stook2005

    Taxi2Gate KSEA textures missing

    Which version of P3D do you have?
  6. stook2005

    Orbx KSAN San Diego performance?

    i’ve both Latinvfr KSAN P3V4 and Orbx KSAN. With everything enabled for both airports, Latinvfr KSAN is 2x the FPS. 60 vs 30. jimmy
  7. Did you install the simconnect client? jimmu
  8. stook2005

    Black Tree Squares in Addon

    Disable or delete the following file will fix the black tree problem in p3d. P3d was using this "all black" texture instead of the real tree texture. Lockheed Martin\Prepard3D v3\Scenery\Global\texture\2B2_TREESTANDS.DDS
  9. Actually I've FTX Global Vector and its AEC tool does a poor job of flattening some of the airports. The AEC tool creates "bathtubs" and "plateaus" on some airports it fixed. Anyway the AFM meshes do not have this "bathtub" and plateaus" on the airports I tried. Anyway AFM tool is working for me. The only issue is I need manually copy the meshes. jimmy
  10. Get the AFM from The mesh fix is more gradual. You wouldn't see the "plateau" effect. By the way, it says it's not compatible with FS Global 2010 FTX. All that means is you need to manually copy the needed mesh to your p3d/fsx directory. Good luck. jimmy
  11. Ftx vector probably put the tower there. You might need to create an exclusion file to fix this.
  12. 1 ) Did installing FSX YBAS into P3Dv2 cause any problems with other Orbx products, or the new FTX Central ? I installed FSX YBAS into an empty FSX-SE directory. I copied all the Orbx files to the P3Dv2.5 directory. When asked I want to replaced files with the same name, I clicked "no". With FTX Central 2.0, it recognized FSX YBAS. I can click on doc/configuration tool inside FTX Central 2.0. Everything seem to work fine. 2 ) You say replace the old object flow dll in YBAS scenery folder - does that mean each Orbx FTX scenery has its own objectflow.dll ? I ask this because with P3DV2, there is only one objectflow.dll, and its in FTX_AU\FTXAA_ORBXLIBS. The individual scenery folders forP3Dv2 Orbx airports don't have an objectflow.dll in them. Some Orbx sceneries have objectflow_XXXX.dll in the scenery directory. XXXX is the airport ICAO. Off the top of my head, I don't remember if YBAS has one or not. If it needs one just replace the scenery's objectflow_XXXX.dll with FTX_AU\FTX_ORBXLIBS\objectflow.dll. Don't forget to rename the p3d's objectflow.dll to objectflow_XXXX.dll after the copy. This will replace the FSX version. Also you need to manually add an objectflow entry in the dll.xml. After this run FTX Central 2.0 and press apply. Let me know if you have more questions. -Jimmy
  13. I got all the non triple installer orbx sceneries like Alice springs to work with p3dv2.5. All the people flow, creature flow, etc appears to be working. All I did was copied the latest p3d object flow dll and replaced the "old" object flow dll in the sceneries' scenery directory.
  14. stook2005

    FTX Trees HD Released

    Up to 20% also includes 0%. So as long as fps doesn't decrease, Orbx's claim is valid.
  15. If you get fs global 2010, get the AFM too. It's free. It fixes some of the airport elevation issues caused by fs global 2010.