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  1. Enjoy it Graham, can relate to your post in terms of memories of flight training, nice one.👍
  2. Still got my P3Dv4.5 install beside MSFS. Still need to visit those study level aircraft sessions. Having said that, MSFS is marvellous - I've rediscovered VFR in amazing detail and immersion and redoing my PPL/CPL training solo x-country flights, that brings back a lot of memories. Once the study levels make the transition, MSFS will be a top platform for me.
  3. Downloading at full speed - can't wait to test drive it!
  4. Thanks very much Oliver, I'll take a look at it when I'm back from my trip.
  5. Good tip regarding the lightcone and raineffect files. I too would be interested in those modified files for the jetways if it’s not too much trouble.. 😁
  6. After successfully migrating all my sceneries with this nifty tool I’m wondering about my add on aircraft. I suspect it’s possible - how should I proceed? - Looking at my A2A folder which is already installed outside P3D, I see the associated addon xml in that folder and not where P4AO installs (my documents). Hmm. - I already have Simobjects, Effects and Sound components in the “other addons” tab which is used for my scenery. Can I create new components with different names like “Aircraft Simobjects” and so on to avoid conflicts? Also, apart from these and a gauges folder are any other folders required? - Should I make one of each folder and dump all associated files from each aircraft as I go along or should I create a whole structure for each and every aircraft (so each aircraft would have its own folder with sub folders? Looking at my P3D gauges folder it’s going to fun discerning what belongs to what... thanks for any insight.
  7. Check out this info from their forum Mike https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=30048.15
  8. I too thought I could crank up those setting after building recently a new rig. Unpleasantly surprised when dialling in "very dense" on those settings, I had fps in the high teens only flying out of major hubs with all the FTX and wx addons...and had to dial it down 😕
  9. Some feedback from my end: no discernible difference either day or night with P3D HDR ON/OFF. Both are on (P3D and EF). Since last EF update things looking better, in AUTO mode, night is darker although the clouds are still kinda whitish for my liking. Much improved overall though, so happy. Waiting for the Skyforce 3D update.
  10. That’s what I thought as well. On the other they also state to have the cloud smoothing setting off in auto if using AS, but I have that ON and have a better experience regarding cloud morphing (iso popping). so many variables lol, I’m losing track of the playbook...anyway nothing to lose to try David’s suggestion.😁
  11. Coming back to this with a quick question to enhance my understanding, Today I performed a local flight out of Sydney and in P4AO beforehand I activated my Oceania group I have created on the Groups tab. Saved and confirmed in the Scenery tab only the add-on airports in that group were green. I noticed in the sim however, when i press the Add-on tab, the dialog box that appears, seems to have ALL the addons present with their check box marked. Is this normal? I would have thought the add-ons I previously didn't activate in P4AO (by virtue of the groups) would not be check boxed here... cheers,
  12. Same here - as of 4.5 HF CPU 0 is constantly close or at 100%. Unlimited frames in P3D but 1/2 adaptive refresh rate and 30 frames set in NVI. Before, CPU 0 was within a comfortable 65-95% range...
  13. Yeah, Rex recommended this as well but even tuned down to min setting, I’m not getting the night as it should be: dark. I’m about to test with HDR off in the mini ui.
  14. Same here, departed YBCG at dusk which looked beautiful with EF but never got fully night textures as I arrived at YSSY. White clouds and a definite bluish tint in the sky, I could easily discern the terrain and coast at all times when it should have been almost pitch black. Flying in auto mode with tuned down exposure in the mini ui.
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