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  1. Same here. The v4 performance on my system gave me all I needed and overshadowed v3 almost overnight. I can wait for addons to catch up.
  2. Cheers, I'll deactivate nvidia surround and give it a try.
  3. amazing fps for EDDF compared to P3Dv3 - look forward to the aerosoft v4 release. nice sim btw - how do you manage to get distortion free views on your side monitors? I'm on nvidia surround but still get some side stretching at 1.0 zoom. thanks
  4. http://sode.12bpilot.ch/?page_id=2
  5. Nice setup. Are you running this in nvidia surround, group view or 3 x windows? I guess each of your cards runs each monitor? thanks
  6. 3 monitors. I'm running 3x27" LG IPS monitors with one 1070 and get smooth and decent fps on 5760x1080 resolution.
  7. I too assign steering tiller via my joystick (see sig). This is what works for me: 1. Make sure I've cleared axis assignments for rudder and tiller in P3D "controls" menu. There should be no conflicts. 2. In FSUIPC assign rudder via "send direct to FSUIPC calibration". Calibrate. 3. In FSUIPC assign steering set via "send to FS as normal axis". You can still calibrate it. all operating as required.
  8. I have a similar setup with ozwhitey and would recommend using the M2 interface for both OS and P3D platforms if possible. HDD for data is good enough. also recommend 32GB from the get go - I wanna chuck another set of 16GB on my system but can't find the exact DDR specs anymore. ..another thing, I've been a long time W7 user but found some issues creeping up as all associated programs for P3Dv4 evolve. Good experience with W10pro so far and generally snappier and smoother than W7 regarding file transfers and compatibilities. Still getting used to the interface though.. cheers
  9. Successful install, test flight out of EKCH with AS16/ASCA and FSUIPC(reg) All good with smooth and 30-40fps on my system. good job PMDG.
  10. Same here, would also like to activate surround but no option is presented. thanks,
  11. Make sure only FSUIPC is controlling the brakes. Check if brake assignments from within the P3D Controls menu are active and causing a conflict. My MFG crosswinds are setup in FSUIPC and operating as expected - not experiencing any of the braking effects you mention.
  12. Looking great Daniel, i can help out with testing.
  13. Thanks Mark.