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  1. yes but NOWHERE has it been said that it will be at the same time as the X-BOX release which is what some are now taking as gospel. I re-iterate.. people need to read. πŸ™‚ Graham
  2. One thing I find so amusing from this thread is the assumptions people make from things that were not said and you just KNOW that in a months time people will be saying... You promised us a release of DX12 on the PC in the trailer for the Xbox version.. where is it.. when they have done nothing of the sort. This would be a much happier forum if people would not assume and would actually read without making additional assumptions of 2+2 = 5. DX12 on PC may come, it may not, but nothing anywahere in the presentation or the FAQ or the official announcement has said it will be at the same time as the Xbox release πŸ™‚ and yet if it doesn't people will still hold it against MS/Asobo because someone else assumed that it would be there. Graham
  3. There are deffinately joysticks available and there are pedals for racing sims, so I would expect that flight sim pedals will be available πŸ™‚ Graham
  4. The official announcement on the MS forums does indeed say released on same day as movie in November and free πŸ™‚ Graham
  5. Any airport developer can use either the existing Zinertek or the "new" Rex textures pureply by using the MSFS2020 default textures for their runways and aprons.. however, most add on developers use their own textures so they get the colours right and the correct fonts and runway and taxiway markings etc on the replacement airports.. which will be untouched by either method of texture replacement. Graham
  6. In what way (if any) is this different from the one that is already in the Marketplace, or is it just another companies version of textures? Graham
  7. seasons are listed as (for example) "Spring North Autumn South" or "Summer North Winter South" There is also a 3d trees folder which you add as well to add lots of new tree varieties. Because of the various biomes and the way they are setup.. as you fly north to south you will start in one region say in spring, traverse different tree types and biomes and land in the new onein autumn.. all without having to change folders or anything. It's really very clever and makes a huge change in the visuals. Oh yeah.. you will also get updates a couple of times a week as new variants and biomes are added along with special areas that have been manually placed.. for example, the heather coverage on Dartmoor in the UK to replace the incorrect autogen trees thereπŸ™‚ Graham
  8. Yep.. well known issue... it's been around since at least December last year if not before and affects default and third party airports (EDIT.. just looked at a video from August last year and it was there as well, so it's been there since release pretty much).. It's believed it is an issue with the snap to ground command and then having slightly different LOD's for models which aren't always quite the same size. It is on the list but how far down, I have no idea. It can sometimes be cured by setting the static a/c at around 1 meter above the ground and letting it drop (which you won't see) when the scenery loads rather than using the sanp to ground.. but it doesn't always work. Graham
  9. Most military aircfraft have backwards facing seats I thought as it's safer? The only t8ime I wasnt facing backwards in a military was in a herc where we were crammed in sideways outside the Cargo. Graham
  10. Berlin airlift was primarily C 47's and C54's I think. I know a couply of Sunderland Flying boats were also used. The military DC6 was the C118 I think and I don't see any reference to it in a book on my bookshelf titled.. "The Airforce can deliver Anything" by Harrington which is a history of the Airlift. Graham
  11. So does this mean you will be getting an XBOX and doing side by side comparisons now? <innocent smile> Graham
  12. If I could give you more than one upvote I would πŸ™‚ I have been having a few issues with pauses and even a couple of CTD's, but I was having issues with Radeon drivers (well no surprise there). However, like you I started balancing and tuning here and there using both Radeon Software and MSI afterburner software. My 6900xt is the MSI one.. hence the Afterburner software. My specs are below and I run in 2k screen mode on full ULtra settings. In My system, what I discovered was that if you are not careful, the 6900xt is so powerful that it just keeps sucking more and more power into itself to keep pushing the frame rate up and up and up. Even at 2k resolution.. over open water, I was hitting 110 FPS and yet coming into Heathrow I was getting less than 40 fps. This created stuttering and sometimes, when suddenly dropping from an excess of 100 fps to 40fps as you flew over the coast, the fans etc were not handling things well, giving a Radeon Wattman error and CTD';ing the app. What I have done now is use Afterburner to turn up the fans and to run -1 onn the power settings and force limit the Sim to 35FPS (notice the similarity there?) My sim now runs absolutely solid with temps always staying below 70 degrees on the graphics card and no more errors and maintaining a rock solid 35FPS everywhere.. Regards Graham
  13. /humour NOrmally one would say that this is an issue with the pilot not the plane.. /humour off Graham
  14. So does this mean, by the same logic, that aircraft that are not flying today should not be in the sim such as lets say Concorde or similar? Graham E
  15. I wouldn't say I have pet peeves, but there are a few things I would kill for to get into MSFS, but am aware that all are coming, so really it's patience required by me πŸ™‚ 1) AI but AIG are working on this and will have a solution, hopefully by end of year ( or someone will). 2) Ground vehicles.. but again I know that GSX is being worked on so will solve this. 3) ATC.. but again.. add-ons coming.. some already here but not what I am looking for yet.. but they will come πŸ™‚ Other than that.. I am really enjoying being in the formatative stages of this flight sim and watching it get better and better as we go forward. By comparison to previous flight sims, the wait for things like the above have been so much shorter than previously, I really look forward to the next couple of years as MSFS really takes off and realises it's potential πŸ™‚ Graham
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