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  1. On last week I took a Discovery Flight here in Baton Rouge to see if I really wanted to pursue my PPL. I loved my flight and my CFI was great. He complimented me on a few occasion from what I learned from Flight Simming over the years. Check out the video.The visuals are great but the audio isn't the greatest (I didn't set it up right) but if I decide to move forward, the rest of them will be great.
  2. Also, you might be talking about the Flylive stuff https://flyapps.weebly.com/flylive-studio.html
  3. This is one just for landing https://github.com/scelts/gees
  4. Flightbeam KSFO is not updated to KSFO in real life as it is right now. You'll have to wait until they update the scenery.
  5. I’m here in New Orleans and this particular storm moved pretty fast through the area yesterday. It didn’t rain as much but it was very very very windy.
  6. I believe that was when the eye wall was passing right over the city. I don’t think the live weather knew what to do when it happened.
  7. Timelapse using Live Weather as Hurricane Zeta passes over New Orleans https://youtu.be/0qbGL3cdrbU
  8. I just tried and I am missing some as well on the default livery. About to try another one to see
  9. I had this problem and didn't know but I found their folder and deleted the whole folder.
  10. The issue still exists. I really just gave up and accepted it. I installed P3D over again and it still did the same thing with Orbx Lights and the unmentionable lights both tested. Frames locked at 30fps and it's still there.
  11. I had this issue and to solve it, all I did was restore the original shaders
  12. I'm using "unmentionables" for night lighting and I just tested again and the same problem occurred.
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