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  1. V2 released for P3Dv4. Got my update from FS Pilot Shop and it works well.
  2. I just found this topic. I'm a Phenom 300 fan using V2 on P3D v4 and would really like the G- registered repaint, but know nothing about how to do this. One of your emails said all your repaints are now available on Avsim but I can't find them - what do I search for?
  3. I am delighted with my 300 and am a bit frustrated by having to revert to v3 every time I "fly" it, but am sure it will be worth the wait.
  4. Alabeo DA42 Coranado Phenom 300 DHC Twin Otter Saitek switch and radio panel recognition
  5. Thanks - I'll just have to be patient!
  6. Is the current release compatible with v4?
  7. I've got the avatar function going now thanks to all the help - I used to enjoy walking out to the aircraft, particularly in early morning, so like starting my simulated sorties that way. The way the avatar casts a shadow is just amazing. VR looks increasingly like a Christmas present to myself. Question: with or without a touch thingy, when wearing a VR headset how is it possible to see and operate the W, Q and E keys to drive the avatar?
  8. My choices, which work well on v3 are: Caronado Phenom 300 Alabeo DA42 Twin Otter Extended
  9. Thanks again - it looks really good so I'll use it to do my next external walkaround check. It seems to me though that the Touch facility must be required to operate virtual cockpit switches and knobs?
  10. Thanks for that. That gives me a figure I can move around (3rd person?) - how do I get 1st person? I'm in 3-screen 2D currently, trying to decide when to invest in VR.
  11. That can't be right; backups and fallback procedures are fundamental software procedures.
  12. I don't think I understand the problem, unless clicking FPL to select the flight plan OFF does it. Can you be a bit more specific? I'm very happy with my Phenom; I use it without the Navigraph extension though, and do find the autopilot has some quirks.
  13. The next problem is the checklist item that says Select Batt1&2 OFF - if you do that without thinking you'll be unable to proceed with the checklist as well as going dark! It shows just how important checklist design is, and exposes the inadequate test procedure this list was subjected to before it was released!
  14. I share your annoyance with this. My solution was to change the time to morning so I could see the switches, select Battery 1 ON, select panel lights ON and then revert the time to night.
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