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Guest Ps762

How do guys make Fs scenery for airports!

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Guest Ps762



Apologies if this is the wrong forum and please move it to scenery design if needed. Have been wondering for a while now flying in an out of all these airports with great (mostly freeware) scenery. How on earth do the guys get photos for the textures for these airports. I just landed at Albuquerque which has excellent freeware scenery. Ok building the objects one by one for all the buildings must be hard enough, you have to get their heights and stuff. But then the textures for the buildings? There's no way an international airport is going to let a flightsimmer airside onto the ramp to take photos of the terminal from there. And you have to get photos for all the different buildings.


Payware is even more baffling. Here in the UK there's a guy called Gary Summons who has made scenery for pretty much every airport in the UK. He may have a team but from what I've read he seems to work pretty much alone. So what he got in his car and drove round the country begging to get let airside so he can take photos of buildings! At small airfields this might be possible but at Heathrow and Gatwick and Manchester!


So has anyone here made an airport scenery or known anyone who has. How did they do it? It's an amazing task which I just take for granted downloading files and flying places!


Many thanks,



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