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How to find out which exact polygon to exclude from default base scenery?

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Hi guys,

(Using ADE)

I am working on a scenery area and I have worked out that the default lake polygon can be excluded with specific 'hydro polygon default lake perennial' (or somesuch naming). However there is part of a nearby shoreline which I just can't exclude.

Can you firstly tell me what shoreline exclude polygons I should be trying?

Now, that other shoreline I want to exclude does disappear when I use general Water Polys and Waters Polys GPS. However, this also converts the adjoining ocean area to land (it excludes the water completely).

So I know what the default base scenery file is (cvxXXX.bgl) and when I load it in TMFviewer it only tells me that the island with a lake has Water Polys and a shoreline, but it doesn't tell me exactly what exclusion polygon I will need to add to exclude the default scenery. (I replace it with my own DEM and water/ground masks).

Is there any program that can load a default base scenery to find out what particular polygons are used? This will allow me to use the correct exclusion without trial and error.

Thanks for your help!


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If you point at the vector feature and right click it, it should allow you to identify vector features and you can see the texture by GUID. Then just search for that GUID in terrain.cfg and see what the title is, for example FDA34C77 is Shorelines_Generic_River. Then you can use that in ADE for your specific exclusion.


scott s.


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