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Ian McPhail

Intel i73960

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I apologise if this is grossly out of place.


I am a P3D user hence my posting this here.


Does anyone have experience of this new 3 series i7 - and have an opinion on its benefits and performance?

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I've been doing some reading recently as I'm thinking of upgrading my system. I'm running an i7 930 at 4.2Ghz but wanting to go higher.


It seems to me from all of the research that the 2nd generation i7 2700 is the best cpu for fsx/prepar3d.


Looking at your specs you could overclock that 960 to at least 4.5ghz. Your video card is a good one too. Unless you've got money to burn I'd stick with what you have. I think I've decided to stick.


Most of the talk on the web about the Ivy bridge is that it's having some temperature issues, making it tough to overclock it. I think this is why the i7 2700 is still the best. Performance to cost ratio wise.

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