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  1. Hi Keven, thank you so much for that. I have them all back now, and I'm putting them into my Google Drive for the future. Thanks again for the fast response.
  2. Hi, I've done a fresh install of my Sim today, and after installing Chaseplane through Orbx, I can't get my Presets back. Is there a way that I could get them off the OldProp Cloud please? I was really happy with them as they were and I'd gutted I couldn't get them back. Can someone help me please? Chris
  3. To stop the crashes to desktop, press the Left Square Bracket key (Underneath the + and - keys) to open a second cockpit view window. Shrink it down as small as it will go and move it to the bottom left of your screen. I don’t even notice it, and I’ve never had a crash since. Doesn’t affect my FPS either. Obviously a proper fix would be good, but until then, this works.
  4. Just a stab in the dark, but I don’t think many people will be taking you up on that offer...
  5. I didn’t notice any impact on my FPS. Even a small hit is better than a crash to desktop though right?
  6. The Alienware does have G-Sync though. I did have a G-Sync screen before I sent it back for a fault, and the difference it made was dramatic. I’ve just thought I might drag my 4K tv from the lounge upstairs and see how it performs, that way I can at least see if my system will cope with the extra pixel count.
  7. Thanks Ray, I’ve been doing some reading today on this. I looked into it ages ago and remember the expert advice being that text in Windows could be blurry. There seems to be a lot more info available now than a few years ago. The Chrona 4:4:4 being the bit that is important for the sharp text. So thanks for confirming that. I have a 1080Ti so that’s good. I think in P3D 60Hz on the panel should be enough. The Alienware screen I was looking at is 120Hz with G-Sync. The G-Sync on my last screen improved things no end in smoothness, but it bumps the prices up way too high. I do find this Forum in general to be a bit hostile at times, as is shown in the response to me on this thread earlier. I remember you be being really helpful and nice a while ago regarding FS Labs Concorde flight plans. So thanks for chiming n here too.
  8. You can stop the view change crash by opening a new 2D view window and shrinking it down to be really small. Then just put it on your 2nd screen or behind your main window for P3D. It worked for me. I heard it from a streamer who had success with it too.
  9. I didn’t tell anyone not to use it? I was just asking a question... Isn’t that the whole point of a forum?
  10. How are you all finding using a big 4K tv as a computer monitor? I thought it wasn’t advisable to use one as the text is blurry etc? Has something changed in tv technology that’s passed me by? Ive been thinking of buying the 34” Alienware 1440p Screen, but might rethink it if a big 4K tv is the way to go...
  11. I’d like to hear about that. I have an i5 7600K, which isn’t far off that. I’m thinking of upgrading, so I look forward to your report.
  12. I found this thread in my hunt for a new setup for my sim. I’m on an i5 7600k with a 1080Ti at the moment. I’m thinking of buying the 9900k with a Z370 Aorus Pro Motherboard. Do you guys think it’s a wise choice? It’s hard to tell reading all of these tests and results. Even after all these years trying to master it, I still find getting an ESP based sim to run a major challenge!
  13. I love the 717 and I hardly ever get any crashes with it. I bought it at Cosford last year. It provides a different slant in the systems to the other add ons I have. I recommend buying it if you can.
  14. With Afterburner I get the change in G-Sync with the Mouse Movement also. It'd be good to find out if this all happens with the Pro version of P3D v4.2. I'm on the Academic version, and I've read on several sites that the Watermark in the top right is put there by a second transparent window. I wonder if that might be causing it?
  15. I'll have a go with MSI Afterburner then. Thanks.
  16. Yeah it still does it in Windowed mode. I would expect to see that to be honest. As far as I know, P3D Fullscreen is just Borderless Windowed mode anyway, not true Fullscreen.
  17. If I don't lock my frames, P3D is working much harder to produce frames I don't need. 40fps with G-Sync is a great experience, I lock the frames and give the CPU more overhead to process other things like complicated systems on the FS Labs for example.
  18. So you don't think there's any way of stopping it doing it?
  19. Hi, I have my frames for P3D locked at 40fps with Dxtory. When I open P3D and turn on the Frame Monitor for P3D and open the G-Sync COunter on my monitor, I can see tey are both displaying 40fps. When I then start Chaseplane, my P3D monitor stays displaying 40fps, but the monitor G-Sync counter goes up to 80fps. Does anyone have any idea why? My sim is so much better with G-Sync working correctly.
  20. This is totally unacceptable, my first day off in ages, and an online groupflight tonight that I've been looking forward to for ages on my new 1440p G-Sync screen... Come on...
  21. Is anyone here using a 4K screen with G-Sync to play P3D v4? I'm trying to decide between a 4K or a 1440p G-Sync screen. The 4K is limited to 60fps, and the 1440p goes up to 165fps but I don't know if that's an issue. I get a stagger on my screen when I pan around the cockpit in heavy add on airports and I'm led to believe that G-Sync will help with this. I have an i5 7600K running at 4.8ghz and a GTX 1080Ti, so plenty of horse power. I get good frame rates most of the time, I'm just trying to get that smooth feeling when panning the mouse around... If anyone has any experience it'd be great to hear about it...
  22. I bought the 717 at Cosford. I really like it. It runs really well in my v4.1 installation. Looking forward to getting the rain Real Glass upgrade too. It's good to see someone other than the usual lot producing a great aircraft, and at a very good price too.
  23. That would kind of work. They're the ones that I want though. It's the other call outs that I want to get rid of. I have no idea where they're coming from!
  24. I'm on v4.1 now, but the NGX has been doing it for ages. Thanks for trying though :)
  25. Nope, no ATC Add Ons. It happens in the NGX too though if that's any help?
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