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BF 109K!

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This thread really needs more attention!


I just bought this remarkable model of the late K-series Me 109 and after quick testing, I really must give high praise for the makers. This bird not just look absolutely wonderful, but also flies as it should and it has very realistic systems modeling. It is extremely powerful (2000hp with water-ethanol!) and brutal machine, something very different than P-51 or FW190 are for that matters. Flight Replicas model perhaps hasn't all the extra bells and whistles as Accusim addon has, but it still easily goes to the very top of the FSX warbird hierarchy with A2A and Classics-Hangar, at least in my books. And at $29.95 it is a bargain.


Here is makers info page:



Nice forum chat about this bird in Sim-Outhouse. Dev is hanging around too:



I believe there aren't many other FSX native detailed BF-109s out there, which is pretty remarkable considering all the P-51 and Spitfire models we have. So, this is a must and pretty much at the same time the only choice to get this classic to your hangar.


By the way, Flight Replicas sells the bird with swastika textures, but some resellers have opted the bird without them, like Simmarket for example (they don't want to get jailed :Whistle:), but others too. In the end it doesn't matter where you buy the bird as you can easily download swastika textures from manufacturers site, if you want to.


Tomorrow I'm going to take this one out for a longer testing. I haven't been this excited of any addon aircraft for a long time, not even with the A2A Accusim P-51. Perhaps partly because this came little bit out of nowhere (at least for me) and this isn't yet another so familiar P-51 in my hangar, but also because it is just that damn good and fun plane to fly. Definitely worth checking this out if you are in anyway interested of these WW2 machines!


Couple of screenies from manufacturer. Sim-Outhouse thread has many more...







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This thread really needs more attention!


It really is a superb representation by Flight Replicas of an aircraft that is truly legendary!!


One of the greatest fighter aircraft of WW2.



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I've got this 109K too. It is pretty nice and a lot better than their older 109 variants were, but it is not quite up there with A2A or WarbirdSim's efforts, particularly where the texturing is concerned. Still, it is nice to have something to fly against the A2A Mustang, P-47 and B-17G.


Like the real thing, Flight Replicas 109K is a fairly horrible aeroplane to actually fly for pleasure, but one which would reward a decent pilot in a fight. It of course inherited the drawbacks of the earlier 109 variants such as the narrow splayed out wheel track and appallingly bad visibility on the ground, and handling was not improved by adding weight to the design either, to get more speed and a higher ceiling out of the thing, but the K variant was undoubtedly fast, and did sort out a few of the crappier attributes of the G variant, of which it was essentially an update.


Although of course a different variant, but since there are few to compare in FSX, the flight modeling is certainly a lot nearer the mark than Just Flight's 109E. The HP automatic slats are fairly well done on the thing, as is the horrible take off yaw tendency of the more powerful later 109 marks, and the control forces on the elevator at high speeds are also modeled, although I think that aspect could be improved a bit, but sometimes that is easier said than done where FSX flight modeling is concerned, so this is not a big deal unless you actually enjoy being unable to pull out of high speed dives.


On the whole, I would say that it is worth it if you want a decent late variant 109 for FSX, especially since it is only 23 quid.



Alan Bradbury

Check out my youtube flight sim videos: Here

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