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A subject came up recently in which the scheduling of Teamspeak sessions was discussed. We have made it a little easier to make and show schedules to the forum community. If you wish to schedule a TeamSpeak session, either for discussions or fly togethers, you can do so relatively easy.


To schedule your session, click on the CALENDARS link within the FEATURES tab in the menu above. Then, click on the TEAMSPEAK calendar link and pick the date and time that you want to schedule your session. You can also click here: http://forum.avsim.n...dule-of-events/


Unclick ALL DAY EVENT and put in you start time. Enable SPECIFIY END DATE and you can schedule the time that the TeamSpeak event will end.


Once you have scheduled your event, it will appear in the side bar block (three blocks down from the top, on the right hand side of the forum's Index page) of the forums system for all to see. By clicking on the event, the reader will be taken to the the TeamSpeak calendar and will read the detail you have provided in your scheduled event.


EDIT: I forgot to add that you can schedule your start time in your local time zone, and that time will be shown as the reader's local time. Example, if you live in New York and call a session for 12 in the afternoon. The would appear to be 1700 to a reader in London, and 0900 to a reader in San Diego.

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Awesome Tom, thanks. It will take me a while though to carefully plan a GA flight, but I will do it someday, I promise! :P

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