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The State of Tileproxy Development

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I have been using TileProxy since roughly 2008. After that nothing has really happened, it seems, to the project. Except that google said "Hands off our satellite data you aviation-loving leeches". Considering the traffic Google has on their servers I hardly think the traffic the flightsim community, and even to a lesser extent the part of it using TileProxy, creates could in any way be harmful. But - They seemed to forget "Don´t be evil", and changed it to "Be uncool". I loved Google´s maps and tileproxy, I think they were the best of the services provied back in 2008 at least. After they blocked TP i stopped using it.


I have some questions, as I was thinking of starting to use it again. I hope someone can answer them here.


1. What is happening to the project, is it just dead in the water?

2. What is the best map service to use globally at the moment, and are there map services that are good for specific regions?

3. Can we create a sticky with proxyuser.ini settings so new users, or old ones returning like me, can get up to speed on how to get it working again.


(I managed to get it working using the old info and ini-files found on http://www.edtruthan...proxy/tutorial/ but i think that defaults to Bing maps and they look really bad compared to Google´s)


4. Google are about to release 3D maps of cities using autogenerated topographic data from images. That would totally rock in a flight simulator. Let's hope Google creates Google Flight, or interface with MSFS (dream on) or something like that :) Do you think something like this will eventually happen?





5.Microsoft has both the satellite data and the flight simulator. Where is the will to combine two obvious things here people?



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I'm also happy to know any developments in the TP project, mostly the latest mapversions (and how we can find them ourselves :) ) PLUS ofcourse the 3D imagery (hoewever...Google isn't really an option in the TP project)

Eric [FSX on Windows7 64-bit]


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There can be only one source for TileProxy. That person is the one who spent a great deal of time on it, and then ran into leagal hints at what could happen down the line beyond Beta.

I am sure that person will only update this software, if he has permission of mapping services, who wish to go along with him as freeware or a price on downloading map service. I can only assume that this is the case with TileProxy. A version of this in my opinion is not on tne table at this time unless legal issues are resolved for useage.

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DivineSense, I'm with you all the way! I can only hope that your thoughts and your name match up ;)


Regarding the 3D maps I would think it's just a matter of time until someone picks it up for flight simulation - but who knows when...


For TileProxy services I'm keeping an up-to-date list at http://aviation.allanville.com/tileproxy/ - I hope people will let me know if they find new services or tweaks.


But I'm wondering about Google Maps and why it can't work. I would assume TileProxy downloads tiles just like a browser - and in that case, how can Google know that TileProxy is downloading the tiles rather than the browser - unless the user agent string says that it is TileProxy?? But in the services a user agent string from a normal browser is used, so I wouldn't think that would be the case???! Anybody can explain that?


Allan Jensen

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