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  1. Hey all, I've been away from flightsimming a long time (about 3 years due to various reasons). Now I'm in the progress of updating my FSX software and especially...the add-ons. I have "FS2Crew Emergency NGX!" updated, but I also see a "FS2Crew PMDG 737 NGX Edition". Is the latter also updateable? Is there a need to delete all those versions and get the 'Reboot' version? Is there a way to update it in place??
  2. Install utx and place it in the correct order in your scenery list. That'll help.
  3. With the NGX it's upper FL and lower FL the TAI is to be used so something like 080/060. Give this a try.
  4. Whenever I had a problem like that, I reinstalled VoxATC, that did the trick.
  5. Do you have all the C++ versions (incl the x64 ones)? Did you install under the admin account?
  6. Tallguy

    2D Cockpit

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, not again the same question. Don't people know there's such a thing called a SEARCH function on this forum? @TS: no, no 2D panel. Only a few panels are available in 2D, but not the entire cockpit.
  7. Tallguy

    wish list.

    Again, comparing the T7 with other planes is not correct. Do other planes give you the realism like PMDG does? Do they provide failures to have in the plane to learn? Do they provide an ECL? Developers have only so much resources to work with and have to make choices. It's a trade basically: dump the failures for a working window. Dump the ECL for a moving chair. I think PMDG made a correct choice in providing things that more people will use/appreciate than a moving chair. If you really want those things, then PMDG's plane apparently isn't something for you....which is OK...everybody his own preferred plane.
  8. Tallguy

    wish list.

    Because this is the T7 and not the 737. They implemented new stuff in the T7 that isn't in the 737. I don't hear you say "why isn't there an ECL in the 737"? Or the red hot brakes that the T7 simulates. Be glad you have the new stuff instead
  9. Tallguy

    wish list.

    Double posting??? There's no need for that.
  10. Tallguy

    wish list.

    Did you bother to read in the forums that PMDG has only so much options/room available in the (limited) FSX code that stuff like windows, armrests and sun blinds are not possible? Even rain on the windows are therefore not simulated. Comparing an Airbus to this is like comparing apples to oranges.
  11. Tallguy

    777 in Prepar3D

    No. Do a search on the forum, there's plenty info about P3D not working with the T7.
  12. Hi Brian, Is there any way of debugging so to check what might cause these SDK messages on non-PMDG authentic liveries? Do others have this too?
  13. Preflight can be shortened by clicking on the remaining time (yellow) in the main screen of fs2crew.
  14. Hi Byork, Two questions: 1. I run the latest Emergency fs2crew for the NGX. It works flawlessly with the official PMDG liveries, but with any other livery, made by skilled Avsim members, I get an SDK error. Any idea how this came to be? Starting in 2D or any other proven tips you've provided in regard to a SDK message don't fix this. 2. After having fs2crew for some months now, I still can't get the FO to understand the amount of fuel during the checklist. What do you recommend? "Seven tons pumps on" or 'seventhousand kilograms pumps on"? Everything else works likeva charm and the FO understands me perfectly, but withnregard to the fuel, I just can't get it to work. Regards Eric
  15. Is it possible to get some sort of mix with TP, UTX and such to also get some 'hight' in the scenery like buildings in towns, cities? I use TP for some time now and really like it, but on every approach, I find myself looking at flat houses, stores, stadiums and so. How to get some 'hights' ?
  16. It is loading and converting in the background (check the DOS box that's running in the background). However, the conversion might be too much for a/your system. Even on my rig, 4.6ghz with HT on and caching stored on a HDD, it doesn't always gives me crispy scenery. As far as I know this behaviour can't be changed.
  17. Yeah, do use the search function and read the help files from Tileproxy. There's much to be found. Basically you need to edit the proxyuser.ini file, scroll down, find the correct mapprovider and change the version.
  18. Will DHM work niw with a TrackIR? I've read numerous posts about issues with the combination TrackIR and Opus....I really hope DHM will work now.
  19. Is there something like a 'building guide for dummies' that we can use to help with certain regions, places?
  20. Try a re-install of VA. That might do the trick.
  21. I too have an issue with getting my MCP-combo (v1) to work in XP10.2 (64-bit). After Google'ing and reading here and on the Vrinsight's website, I thought I knew what to do, but...apperantly not. I have installed the VRiSim v1.0: it detects my MCPcombo. I select "MSFS Original aircraft". I installed XPUIPC v2.0.0 in XP, but I never saw anything regarding VRinsight in any menu items in XP, not even under the Plugins. When trying to add a button or such in the 'Joystick & equipment' is futile :( The XPUIPC plugin shows as active The MCPcombo is showing SPD, HDG and ALT, so...there is some kind of connection between the VRiSIM and the MCPcombo. I just don't understand why XP isn't connecting aswell.
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