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  1. Hey all, I've been away from flightsimming a long time (about 3 years due to various reasons). Now I'm in the progress of updating my FSX software and especially...the add-ons. I have "FS2Crew Emergency NGX!" updated, but I also see a "FS2Crew PMDG 737 NGX Edition". Is the latter also updateable? Is there a need to delete all those versions and get the 'Reboot' version? Is there a way to update it in place??
  2. I too have an issue with getting my MCP-combo (v1) to work in XP10.2 (64-bit). After Google'ing and reading here and on the Vrinsight's website, I thought I knew what to do, but...apperantly not. I have installed the VRiSim v1.0: it detects my MCPcombo. I select "MSFS Original aircraft". I installed XPUIPC v2.0.0 in XP, but I never saw anything regarding VRinsight in any menu items in XP, not even under the Plugins. When trying to add a button or such in the 'Joystick & equipment' is futile :( The XPUIPC plugin shows as active The MCPcombo is showing SPD, HDG and ALT, so...there is some kind of connection between the VRiSIM and the MCPcombo. I just don't understand why XP isn't connecting aswell.
  3. Latest mapversion: Virtual Earth/Bing Maps: 1180
  4. Same here....the Unicode finds nothing but the original (non-unicode) does find a bunch of bad files
  5. Nothing new (sorry) since this was already posted a long time ago: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/345372-my-new-panel-lighting/
  6. Can you post a download link please? Will cut back in the time searching for it :( Thanks!
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