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Hi everyone, I just bought the 337 and I'm really enjoying it even though it does have some bugs, which brings me to my question. I use this plane and the 210 in Air Hauler, when I started a new company and bought both of these planes I noticed a funny thing. Air Hauler is showing that the 210 has more useful load than the 337. So I opened up the CFG file for the 337 and its only showing 3450 for max gross where the 210 shows 3800. Thats not right is it? I went online and checked some places, Wikipedia says that the max Takeoff weight for the 337 should be 4400 pounds which sounds far more reasonable. I saved a backup of the cfg file and did a little editing, raising the Max gross up to 4400 and then took a fully loaded flight. There for awhile I thought I was driving a car, the plane didn't break the ground until about 105 kts indicated. Would any RW 337 pilots comment please?

What is below came out of my original cfg file






performance="Maximum Speed\t\n196 kts 225 mph\t363 kmh\n\nCruise Speed\t\n172 kts 197 mph \t318 kmh\n\nEngine\t\n Teledyne Continental IO-520-BA 285 hp\n\nPropeller\t\nTwo-bladed McCauley\n\nMaximum Range\t\n1050 nm 1,208 sm \t1,944 km\n\nService Ceiling\t\n17,858 ft 5,443 m\n\nFuel Capacity\t\n80 U.S. gal 302 L \n\nEmpty Weight\t\n2,181 lb \t 989 kg\n\nMaximum Gross Weight\t\n3,400 lb \t 1,542kg\n\nUseful Load\t\n1,219 lb \t 553 kg\n\nLength\t\n26.66 ft\t 8.12 m\n\nWingspan\t\n33.5 ft\t 10.21 m\n\nHeight\t\n8.25 ft\t 2.51 m\n\nSeating\t\nUp to 4"

Category = airplane



max_gross_weight = 4630

empty_weight = 2830


As you can see in the general section it shows a max gross weight of 3400 pounds but under the weight and balance section it shows a max gross weight of 4630. Which one is right and which one does the sim use for loading?

Thanks Mark

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I'm not an Air Hauler guy so I don't know where they derive their numbers, but keep in mind there have been a number of 337 models over the years. As modeled here, I thought max gross was 4630, but I usually fly moderate loads so I've never pushed the limits to see how it performs. Remember, however, that the 337 really is a light twin - emphasis on light and moderate power. That's only a pair of Continental IO-360s, rated at 210HP each on the front and rear of this thing. Not a lot of power.


I'm not conversant in the ins and outs of the aircraft.cfg file and what exactly does what, but there are certainly some anomalies there. Among other things, there ain't no IO-520s @ 285 hp in the 337. Be kinda fun if there were, though. :-).


Perhaps someone with more knowledge can step in and 'splain.



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