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Some advise needed please

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My issue...

OOM (FSUIPC gives me the dings that I am nearing the OOM mark and I get the window telling me to lower my settings)...

This only happens when I'm on approach to an addon airport like FSDT or FB with US CitiesX..


I'm running FSX gold with accleration.


System specs :

W7 64bit

i5 2500k OC to 4.7 and stable with prime95, temps in the 60's under load.

EVGA Nvidia 560 Ti Superclocked edition with 1Gb

16Gb of HyperBlue x DDR3 1600 RAM with bios set to X M P settings (DDR3 1600 in bios instead of AUTO)


Note: all apps have been closed in the back ground except what FSX needs.


Been reading a lot about VAS and the 3Gb fix. But being on a 64bit and acceleration, FSX has the LARGEADDRESSAWARE already set.


My slidders are all maxxed with the exception of water. With US CITIES SFO I have removed some of the .bgl files out of its scenery file and got a little help. Got the FSUIPC ding but was able to make it to the gate without issues. LAS yesterday I froze on the runway. I looked at the scenery folder for us cities las and will be removing unneeded bgl's and will test tomorrow.


Question here is what am I missing ? Will better ram help? Will an upgrade to the i7 2700k help? Think it had a larger cache than the i5. I'm at a lose here. Or is it just US Cities X too much at max settings.


Any suggestions would be great!!I


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Any suggestions would be great!!I


Sorry no one has helped you yet. You cannot max out your FSX settings unless you are a computer expert. I do not have mine maxed out and most people do not. Most of the scenery made for FSX does not recommend max settings. Look at the recommended settings that FSDT has set for their products. Lowering your settings will not make your graphics look worse. You'll hardly see the difference.


Here are my Scenery settings;











Here are my Graphics settings:





D3D10=1 (I have DX10 turned on; if you do not have DX10 turned on it should be 0)
















Here are my Display settings:










And lastly, my scenery and Traffic settings:
















Another factor is your display settings for your video card. I hope you are using Nvidia Inspector and you use the recommended settings provided by Srdan Word Not Allowed in his software guide pinned at the top of the Hardware Forum. Too high settings will destroy FSX as FSX uses a lot of resources.


You cannot use the /3GB or UserVA settings with Windows 7 64 or any 64 bit system.


Your overclock may be too high too. Setting the CPU Voltage too high or too low based on your overclock will cause this problem too. I had my system overclocked to 4.8 once and had it that way for two or three months and I started seeing unexplained crashes and BSOD's. Turned out my memory settings were wrong. It appears yours are okay as you are using the X.M.P. profile and that works the best. Your DRAM voltage should be no higher than 1.65 volts.


Based on your system, you may want to try DX10. Check out the DX10 Discussion forum for details.


Hope this helps!


Best regards,


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I knew I could count on you for help. I have followed many posts and your explaination of setting the memory correctly in the bios with the X.M.P settings got rid of the BSOD I was getting. Knock on wood. The only BSOD I would get was the hal.dll error. And that took me a long time to track down. I even went as far as a total reinstall of my OS and FSX. So thank you for being so involved in this fourm. Our .cfg's are almost identical with the exception of a few minor things. My Texture bandwidth is 40 and stays at 40, you are at 80, I use Xtreme FSX Booster V2.....I know, I know, a lot of folks speak bad of that piece of software, but I happen to like it. Point, It sets my bandwidth to 40. I know the 3Gb switch won't work, I was just throwing ideas out. On my OC, my sweet spot is 1.280v and under a full FSX load I do not rise above 65c with realtemp. I used to OC to 4.9 at 1.33v and never had a problem, but with that said, I went down to 4.7 at the same time I changed my mem settings, so who knows, was it the mem or bad clock? I will never know.

Now, on to what I did to not reach an OOM. In the Booster, I dropped down from 2048 to 1024 for my resolution, bumped my clouds down to 1024 from 2048 in AS2012 (which I like better that REX Essentials, I like the textures much better, more to choose from, and I think the clouds look the same between the two, just my thought), went into the Scenery folder of US Cities X LAS and remomved quite a few .bgl's that I don't need, other airports with in the scenery, Area 51, not going there, and a few others. Reflew the exact flight in the PMDG NGX and flight was perfect. Not one ding. So I never reached that threashold of the VAS setting. With that said, I was not happy with the 1024 resolution...I got spoiled with the 2048, so again to the Booster, bumped that back to 2048 (textures) and left clouds at 1024. Today I flew the QW 752 out of FB KSFO into LatinVFR KMIA with Miami X and again, perfect flight, not one studder. Just one 1sec pause about 20nm out on final (to be expected) but other than that, flawless.

Jim, with my settings the way I have them (and maybe its the old FS9 in me, MAXXED) my avarage FPS in any airport, FSDT, FB, Taxi2Gate KSTL whatever, any addon airport I have that requires some muscle, in the PMDG is always at 15-20 frames. And I always fly 3d. Once at altitude Im a solid 30.

Im glad to hear you say that you and most other do not have your settings maxed out. Like I said, that's the old FS9 in me. I will look at FSDT and also look at MegaScenery X settings. When you install any of their products (MegaSceneryX), they always change your settings to what they believe is best. Maybe I should of left them. But I guess I was afraid of loosing that crispness and smoothness I have been able to get, and it was not easy or cheap. I just made the move to FSX for my 40th bday last December. I have been buying FSX addon's for some time knowing eventualy I would make the switch, but not until the hardware was effordable. In short, I rebuilt this system myself for about 700$. The only orginal thing left of my orginal Alienware Aurora (prior to Dell's take over of Alienware, and Im proud to have on of the last true Alienware systems) is the case and the 750w PSU. Everything else I have replaced....again, my loving family treated me for my 40th. Nice of them ah. As to making the move to DX10, man, Im afraid. So many addons are not compatiable, and I know of the software that will convert on the fly, but just hesitant to make the move. I do use the ENBSeries, which I like. Id be very interested in more of your thoughts on DX10!!

And one last favor, can I ask you for your slidder settings in FSX?? Would you be so kind as to post so I can give them ago. I trust your word, you know what you are talking about. In fact I have pointed many people to your posts. Im not a big poster, but I read a lot.......


Again Jim, thank you so much for taking the time to reply, very much apprcieated...poor spelling sorry....long day..

One last thing, just looked at you specs in your link, and we have almost the same systems, my board is the ASUS p8Z68 v pro. do you like the i7 2600k?? Do you see an advantage with the hyperthreading?? Micro Center has the i7 2700k for 229$ pretty good price, and Im playing with the thought to picking it up for the hyperthreading. Your thoughts, is it benificial to FSX, I have read so many post on this very subject with yes and no....and thinking about the GTX 560 Ti 2048, but I am very happy with my 1024 560 Ti.... would that extra gig help?


Thanks again,

Brett Lucas

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So thank you for being so involved in this fourm.


Thanks Brett for the kind words. Always appreciated. Since my post last night I have moved my texture bandwidth back to 40. In fact, I renamed my fsx.cfg, deleted it and let fsx rebuild a new one. This time I left out all the tweaks. Some can do more harm than good if you're not sure what you are doing. I did it because I was having issues flying around the payware scenery Vancouver. Looking at the buildings my fps dropped into the teens and the buildings were stuttering/jerky. I left all my fsx settings at default (the sliders) but did some minor modifications with the AI. The FSX default frame limiter is 20 and I kept it like that and went flying. I no longer had the stuttering and jerky motions of the buildings. Everything was smooth. FPS stayed at 19/20 but, while flying I went into the settings and moved the slider up to 30 and continued to fly around Vancouver. The fps move up to around 24 fps and stayed around there so I moved the frame limiter down to 25. It works well. I'm not sure if I'm liking all these so called tweaks people are using. Personally I think they do more harm than good. So I'm going to keep my settings like this for a while and see how things go.


You asked: "And one last favor, can I ask you for your slidder settings in FSX??" Those are posted under the Terrain settings above. I did keep the TextureMaxLoad setting of 4096. That works well so far. Keeping your sliders low will help FSX and your display driver render your textures better. If you look at a texture in any scenery folder, they really aren't that crisp. So turning up your sliders to the max and your display drivers to the max will not help. Maybe if Microsoft one day updates the FSX engine will we see better textures rendering. Look at the post near yours in this forum where the poster was wondering what's wrong with my textures. I have everything maxed out and still they are blurry and don't look very good unless I'm at a higher altitude. Well, FSX can only render so much and it will be easier for it to do its job if you lower the settings.


You stated: "Id be very interested in more of your thoughts on DX10!!" DX10 is fixed with Steve's Shader3 modifications. It's great to fly around and have sunlight and sunlight shadows moving around in the VC. Gives more of a sense of realism. It's easy to implement with PaulJ's post I pinned at the top of the DX10 Discussion Forum. I think you need to read some of the comments from other users there. Every FSX addon is compatible with DX10 (with DX10 you are using the full power of your video card!). If there's old textures from a FS9 aircraft or scenery, there's a program called Addon Converter X which runs in the background while you are flying and, if it sees an incompatible texture, it will convert to FSX during your flight. After you end the session, it will return the textures back to FS9. I have all the MegaSceneries and it works well with them as well as all FSDT software.


Regarding your question on hyperthreading. You should turn it off for overclocking. You are not going to get much more from upgrading to an i7 2700k or i7 3770K. Hyperthreading boosts your CPU's to a higher level but not higher than an overclock. Hyperthreading is good for video editing and photoshopping. Most gamers recommend overclocking instead of hyperthreading.


The extra gig in your video card memory would be helpful but it would not make things much better as far as rendering goes. FSX is dependent on the CPU's. The more CPU cores you have the better. Microsoft recommended a minimum of 512MB's and your card is double that size. One gig is a lot of memory! I would not recommend it unless you are building a whole new system with maybe an i8 Intel CPU with 20 cores. LOL! You might be able to find one cheap on E-Bay that would make it worth the purchase. I think you were one of the smart ones who got the i5 2500K cpu that runs just as good as a 2600K or 2700K. It just has to work a little harder when overclocked than the 2600K and 2700K. There's a lot of discussions about this over in the hardware forum.


Hope this has helped. Have more questions, ask!


Best regards,


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Just wanted to say thanks for your help. I'll keep this short. Made the move to DX10 yesterday with Paul's guide and the and Steve's Shader3mod and all I can say is WOW. I have been missing out. Tested yesterday for about 8 hours, installed the AddonConverterX and only one airport is not compatiable. Even with the converter. It's Davinci KSAN. It's a known issue. And I agree. I felt and still feel that the computer I built is a perfect match for FSX.


Anyhow, we are now off the subject, I'm heading over the the DX10 area and will be reading and posting my findings in my new sim(DX10). Now just need to play with my AA settings.


One last thing. DX10 took me from 15 frames at FSDT KLAS in the PNDG NGX, MegaSceneryx and US Cities X , to 30-40 frames. Even with my settings still maxxed and texture max load 4028....I think that qualifies as a performance improvement. ; )


See you in the DX10 area.



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That's great Brett! I'm completely satisfied with DX10 and will use it forever. PaulJ is a big, big help over in the DX10 forum. If you need a quick answer, he's the one to ask. I'm busy with a lot of other forums and issues but I will try to respond when I can.


Even with my settings still maxxed and texture max load 4028


This should be set to 4096.


Best regards,


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