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Best way of using FSPS p3D (with P3D and REX)

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I am running P3D on a fairly low spec machine alongside REX and RC4


On the whole, performance is ok, around 15-25 FPS, but drops dramatically with cloudy weather in REX to around 5 FPS, RC4 also misses a lot of calls when REX is running, the system can't quite cope...


I bought FSPS P3D Extreme booster in the hope that this would improve performance, but REX cannot run inside it as it runs it as admin, and it asks me to buy my P3D REX license again, so I run REX seperately with P3D running inside the booster, and REX outisde and this is slower than ever as, I guess, it's running on extra program which burdens the processor. What is the booster actually doing? I notice that it saved the .cfg file on closing, is it making tweaks and adjustments to my sim config according to what it monitors when P3D is running inside it? If so, is it best to run P3D outside of the booster with the amended .cfg once I have run it inside the booster while it finds the optimum settings?


Alternatively, is there a live weather alternative to REX which is less resource heavy? I've still got the REX textures so its worth having but it seems very cumbersome compared to my old Active Sky 6 for FS9.





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No idea FSPS booster but for Weather updates I recommend Open Clouds - its very light and fast to update weather. You can try it for free flying in UK airspace. You would need to subscribe (its a reasonable cost per month or year) for access to global weather data.

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G'day Paul. I changed to Active Sky 2012 with a definite improvement in performance. However you can not get something for nothing and if you are running at the upper end of your computer capabilities nothing will get you improved FPS other than by asking it to do less.


One FSPS booster that I tried out simply reduced the auto-gen and turned dense bush into open park land. It lasted less that one flight on my rig.

Cheers, Mac

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I've been experimenting with various other weather programs. Open Sky I found, only generated one type of cloud, who's correct scientific term is "the grey sausage cloud". Much better is FSRealWX lite, which is what I am now using, although it does have a tendency to stick a bit when loading the weather.


FSPS P3D Extreme booster offered no performance improvements to me at all and was a waste of money, although others may have found it works in certain circumstances. Gradually, through tweeking with it myself, I'm starting to get some v good and consistent performance out of P3D, it's a wonderful piece of software. As an aside, does anyone know how Carenado's 172 works with P3D? It's not listed for P3D, only FSX at the moment

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