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Uncommanded reverse help

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I'm having a problem with my throttle control. Currently, I have all of my axes being handled by FSUIPC- throttle, pitch, roll, rudder. Something is causing my throttles to enter reverse (as in F2) being pressed. The throttle is only controlled by FSUIPC- I have no separate reverser control set up, and the throttle values are showing up in FSUIPC correctly. I can leave the throttle set to around 50%, or even anywhere, and then it randomly gets brought back all the way into reverser deployment. Moving the throttle very very slightly causes it to jump back to it's correct position. I can't find anything which consistently causes it; it seems to happen every 15-45 seconds, but occasionally can "hide" for more than a minute before it strikes again. It happens very often after alt+tabbing or going into the FS menu, but not all the time.


Any ideas?

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Do you have the spike control filter turned on in the general tab of FSUIPC? It helps with noise spikes present on many USB devices.


Evidently you are using the biased (non-0) input for idle so if you move the throttle below that level you get a linear reverse, correct? If so you have nothing in FS assigned to reverse thrust. As I recall that required a change in an aircraft.cfg for minimum throttle settings if we are on the same track.


USB inputs are polled reads, not interrupt driven, as I recall.


Occasionally my USB optical mouse will jump across the screen just to illustrate noise in USB devices.


I'd search in the FSUIPC forum to see if there are any posts regarding this.




Did you set up reverse according the article at stickworks.com? CMNOTE02.ZIP on its download page. The site is still up apparently.


Hardware wise you might have a bad spot developed on the potentiometer or slide control of the throttle resulting in a tiny dead spot. If you settle near it where it just gets to overlap it that might cause a problem. If so if you can get to the control without your parts flying all over if you open it up, application of an electronic cleaner/lubricant spray or might help. The reason you want a cleaner/lubricant is that you want to leave after the cleaner evaporates a slight coating on the control to protect against oxidation or contaminants from sticking to the control electronics surfaces.


You can also query the hardware forum here.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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Sorry if I wasn't clear- I'm not doing anything special for reverse. I'm using FSUIPC to control all my axis inputs. I have roll/pitch/rudder/brakes/throttle etc set up within FSUIPC, and in the FS9 control assignment menu, all of the fields for the joystick axes are clear- i.e. everything is routing through FSUIPC. FSUIPC is set to control my throttle from 0-100, corresponding to the physical 0-100 position of the device. For reverse, I hit f2.


The problem does not happen on any of the stock jets, but does on the payware ones I've tried it on, the qualitywings 757 and the leonardo maddog. I'm using an x-52 pro. If I unplug the joystick, the problem disappears, so that's isolated. If I go into FSUIPC, and clear the throttle assignment, I have no joystick control over my throttles, since, like I said above, all the input was coming in through FSUIPC, and none from the game itself. Moving the throttle doesn't change the position in game, and I can only control them with the keyboard. However, the problem still happens. It's as if my joystick is randomly sending across a "press F2" signal. I have no profile loaded in the stick, and have cleared all keypresses in FSUIPC. I'm stumped.

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Figured it out- one of my sliders had somehow gotten assigned to the throttle, and was causing the interference. thanks for the help.

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