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Guest Lenny Zaman

Fullsize Flight sim Vidios

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Good link. The visual systems have really grown up since we got our first digital visuals in the Air Force. The first visual I worked with was the Vital IV on the F-4E WSTS. We had a three window display and visual was only for the front seater. We had a very limited data base, usually only those few bases that had similar aircraft. Still it was like night and day once we could see where we were going or who we were shooting down or blowing up. Emergency procedure training took on a new level of realism in now you had a runway to aim for instead of just shooting an instrument approach.Yes we have come a long way from the model board and camera visuals. To think we would have the quality and detail in a video game program that would run on a "Personal" computer would have been hard to imagine back in 1977 when I got into simulators. I can hardly wait to see what the next 25 years will bring us. Holidecks maybe?Terry

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That's definitely the one I want! I wish they could make a consumer version.

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