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AlacrityPC ?

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First, Thank you for posting the instructions, "How To" documents and all this wonder information. So far so good, I have my machine running FSX with DX10 and it's going great!


I do like the idea of having my machine use more of it's resources for FSX so I like the idea behind AlacrityPC. I downloaded and installed this program. I created a profile named "FSX". The only options I changed other than the default settings were, I checked under programs to turn off/diable all unnecessary programs. I saved the profile and then attempted to start AlacrityPC using my FSX profile.


I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, as soon as I click on "start" for my FSX AlacrityPC profile the program comes up and says error, not responding and shuts down.


How do I keep it running so it can divert more PC resources to FSX?




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What are your UAC settings at, Gus? - That's the only thing that I can think of, that might stop it from working..

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My UAC is set to default.


Here are the errors I get when I start AlacrityPC it tells me it wants to look for updates, so I say ok. It then gives me this error:


Error downloading update information "The remote name could not be resolved: 'updates.alacritypc.com'


I have the option to retry or cancel, cancel is the only thing that will do anything other than give me the same message over and over.


When I click on the FSX profile I created and click start it brings up what looks like the cmd prompt window shows a few messages really fast, too fast for me to see then tells me Alacrity is not responding and it shuts down taking me back to the desktop.


Maybe I do not have the settings correct in the FSX profile I created. Can someone suggest what to click/no click add/not add in the AlacrityPC program?


I'm not sure if it matters but the other programs I'd like to run besides FSX are FSINN, REXWX2, and sometimes an acars system i.e. fsacars.


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Hi Gus:


Forget about the "Update" message - it has been changed in years, but the message still remains..


You should have a "MyDocuments\AlacrityPC Profiles folder on your C:. Place these two profiles in it. The first is just a CMD profile, which will take the PC down to a "lean" condition - ideal for testing the occasional other apps.. The second is the TrackIR profile, which you would run before starting the sim, and when TIR starts, you can minimize it and start FSX using whatever other method you choose..


Here is what the Profiles folder looks like: and here is the shortcut detail you would look like when you create the desktop shortcut to any particular profile. It's slightly convoluted the first time!


If you have TeamSpeak3 and Teamviewer 7, I will do it for you if you wish-OK? :smile:


All the Best,



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Hello PJ,

Ok, thanks for the info. Yes I have teamspeak and can meet tonight if you can, that would be great.


When I click on your "first" and "second" links they open in another browser, how do I create these files as profiles?


When I look in my computer I have this:


C:\Users\Gus_Julie\Documents\AlacrityPC Profiles


In that folder I have:


Default Vista Profile

Default XP Profile




The first 3 have an AlacrityPC icon the 4th (FSX.profile) is a text document.


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Ok, I right-clicked "first" and "second" and saved them, then put them in the C:\Gus_Julie\My Documents\AlacrityPC Profile and they show up.


My next question is, I do not have TrackIR so do I need the 2nd one you listed? Or can I just run the first one the "CMD.profile" and then start FSX?


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Yep - that's fine. You can use it to start any app you want.


Avsim.digitalthemepark.com - Flight Division - Avsim Flight Group - Hangar Talk - I'm going on there now, for 15 minutes or so.

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Thank you Paul so much for the help and your time.


Thank you sir,


Hi Gus, I have the same problems as you, I want to ask you if you get it to work with Paul's advice and how is it running? Hope you see this.


@gigemaggs99 also, did you get alacrityPC to automatically lunch FSX?

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