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Some advice from my fellow simmers please.

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Hello Fellow Simmers,


Like most of you I am a huge fan of the PMDG NGX. I have dedicated a lot of time learning the ins and outs of this wonderful simulation, and I am almost at a place where I feel comfortable flying it online. As it is Christmas time my most excellent wife (with a little help from some Christmas cash from mom :blush: ) Has allowed me to purchase something for my modest computer cockpit.


I currently have the CH Products yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder peddles. I remember first getting these, and how it took my flight simulator experience from "hey look how many flips I can do in this 747" to "how does this FMC work" that is to say those items made me a better, and more serious simmer.


I have never flown online before, but I have watched videos of other people on youtube. I am fascinated about the posibility of doing it too. I am now considering purchasing this from VRInsight.




Do any of you have any experience with this item? Do you think that this is worth the money $500? Would this integrate with the PMDG NGX, and future addons well?


Any advice any of you have would be most welcome. Thank you very much for you time and assistance.


Happy Holidays,



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Hey guthrie,


Yeah, buy it now. I got the vri mcp2 a while back, just after it was released.


After a bit of a break from simming, I probably put in 20 hours this weekend flying the ngx with it. Add the freeware Linda program and the integration is perfect.


I also tried it out with my new Carenado planes from the sale, and the realair turbine duke. It's a good addition to most planes, but a brilliant one when it comes to the NGX.


So download linda and get you boeing mcp2 - it'll take your ngx simming to a whole new level.



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