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feelThere ERJ DX10

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Hi Guys


My dx10 setup is running along nicely, with GA and warbirds running at least 30fps and complex airliners like the NGX about 23-25fps.


However I've hit a snag on the ERJ. For some reason it's stuck at 17-18fps. My CPU and Video card are not maxing out, so it's not my system holding it back but something config related or programming related.


Does anyone else run the ERJ with directx10? What is your experience with it compared to the other addons?






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Hi Dan


I have just recently built a new rig and moved to DX10. Running quite well performance wise but serious isues with AA. I will hop on the forum and get some further advice when I get some time.


Regarding the ERJ. Currently I have only installed into FSX, 3 add on aircraft. The ERJ, E-Jets and PMDG JS4100. Out of these 3 aircraft the ERJ is the worst performer. On my old system the JS4100 gave me the most grief out of these 3 with the ERJ and E-Jets performing on par.


On the new system (FSX DX10) at the airport the frames (locked at 30) can flucuate from 30 down to 22. When flying the experience is anything but smooth. The E-Jets are much more stable and the JS4100 is very smooth unless high traffic airports and heavy weather. Switching back to DX9 the ERJ is definitely more stable in FPS but I take the overall performance hit of going back to DX9.


Although I am not experiencing the same performance degradation you are seeing I am confident I am seeing a performance hit on the ERJ in DX10. I hope there are some other DX10/ERJ users out there who can comment on their experience.


I just about have P3D up and running. I will try the ERJ in this and check the performance.

Michael M

System: i9-9900KS II Asus Maximus XI Hero MB II 32GB 3200 DDR4 II GTX1080ti II 1TB NVMe Adata SX8200 II 512GB NVMe Samsung 950 Pro II Corsair H150i AIO II Dell 34"Ultrawide @ 30Hz

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Thanks I'll be interested to see about P3D if it gets better.




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