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ch products yoke button assignments for PTT/others not working

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I cant seem to figure this out.. i was pretty sure I had this issue before, but its cropped up again.


I've assigned the buttons to my yoke for things like the push to talk (normally spacebar) and ident and toggling the prompt etc.. they show up in the "Joystick Configuration" area (though i did notice the button numbers here dont match calibration/numbers in fsx).


I know PTT is working because each time i hit spacebar you hear the squawk.

I've checked the controller settings to make sure the same button is not bound to any other assignment.


I've closed every other application that is running just to make sure nothing is stealing the commands. So i'm lost, not sure what else to check here.


This is on my win 7 x64 image, default drivers for the yoke.


Thanks in advance.

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I had a similar situation when I started usin g VOXATC recently. I use the same C&H yoke and the central red button for PTT. However I was pushing then talking then relaesing the button and nothing happened from the ATC side.

Then by accident I pressed again just after  my message had finished and low and behold the letters wen a different colour and I had a response. So evry tim I just releae the button when finished and then press once again.

Hope it works for you as they say





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