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A380 Majestic

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Check this out guys great cockpit footage


I good piece of video show final approach into San Francisco from the flight deck of an A380. It’s 14 minutes long but worth taking the time, preferably in full screen mode.

This is a very cool video. Contrary to the words below, however, the captain disengaged the autopilot on final approach and landed the plane manually.




This is pretty interesting to watch. The pilots sit away from everything, no yoke, etc. Captain pulls up a keyboard once in a while to enter info but the plane does most of the work.....


The humongous A380 makes its first landing at San Francisco airport. It seems extensively automated. The air traffic controller gives them heading, altitude and speed, and they dial it in. Looks like it lands itself too. Pretty interesting.


For best results go "full screen" on your monitor.





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