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Sorry ... here I go again....

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But, if in an OpenGL-based, multi-platform flightsim like FG this is possible, and much more to show now with the new 2.10 release, Rembrandt, etc, then X-Plane10 should be able to do even better :-/


I have lighting effects that are way better than those we get sometimes with XP10. I get a very credible Sun reflection in the waters, clouds (that move!!!) and come in many flavors, precise dawn/day/dusk/night lighting, depending on day of year and location on Earth, plus exact Moon and stars (many) phase/positions, real world weather that in a day like yesterday, with huge TCus and Cbs around LPPT were properly depicted... Ah... and seasonal textures now too with the procedural texturing.


The autogen gives me a sensation of approaching LPPT like I really can't have in either XP10 or default FSX (fsx being better with its autogen, even if the quality of the buildings and facades can't compare with that of XP10...).


Of course there are good alternatives for XP10, just as there are for FSX (I'm not using FSX anymore... ces't fini...). A friend here at AVSIM pointed me to the alternative of using photo scenery (huge but worth the download files), but I haven't yet gave it a try. The fact is, plain vanilla FlightGear 2.10 is giving me European autogen that I really like, and there are tools for building specific scenery areas if you're tallented - just like with XP or FSX...


Of course, night scenery / lighting in the towns are basic, but still valuable! The rw lights look cartoonish but I believe it can be improved - still have to find more about Rembrandt (not the great painter :-) )


We have to get closer to this in XP10, I believe....


I have installed each and every version of FG since it was made available for the first time some years ago. This last version is by far the one that contributed the most to my way of looking at that platform. I believe the inclusion of the controller setup UI was a huge contributor to make FG more popular among simmers - I hope! I also find that commercial products like X-Plane, Prepar3d... have to learn with this sometimes - competition is allways good, and this sort of free / open competition is even more challenging IMHO. At least if I was a commercial dev I would look at it and try to do, at least as good as they do in some areas. I keep saying I DON't ACCEPT the poor/absurd time of day lighting in X-Plane10, the poor clouds and visibility effects - look at the variety in FG, and try an approach under low vis to see what I mean, than fly the same with the "curtain effect" in X-Plane10, probably even seeing the Moon accross the "curtain"...


My hat is off for the FG team, and my fingers are pointing at it for Austin to see where there is very good food for his thoughts...

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FlightGear's advanced shader effects like lighting/shadows and procedural texturing looks great, but it tanks performance on all but the most powerful systems, so not a very efficient or scalable solution, its landclasses seem to be either wilderness or city with not a hint of suburbs or rural communities in sight, and in terms of general polish and user friendliness, FlightGear is miles behind X-Plane.


I agree that FlightGear has a lot of really great features, and you couldn't ask for a better cost of ownership (can't beat free), but I think you've strayed far into "overrated" territory.

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