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  1. Mountain Man

    Not my day.

    I was beginning to think this was an early April Fools joke.
  2. Mountain Man

    X-Plane Developer Q/A 01/2018

    According to the write up posted earlier, Austin acknowledges that there is a problem with ground handling. He's just not sure how to fix it.
  3. Mountain Man

    New Zealand Ultimate VFR

    Money would probably work better.
  4. Are you actually looking for solutions and constructive conversation, or are you just here to plump for P3D and bag on X-Plane? Because so far, it looks like the latter.
  5. I'm reasonably certain that if there was a quick and easy solution that had no trade offs then the developers would have done it already. I'm also reasonably certain that we haven't thought of anything they haven't already considered.
  6. An SSD won't meaningfully improve X-Plane performance unless you're constantly running out of RAM and the simulator needs to frequently fetch new data from the hard drive. But in that case, more RAM is the correct solution as opposed to a faster hard drive. Otherwise, open the settings menu and start moving the sliders to the left until you get consistent frame rates, although it might not look as pretty.
  7. Answers are in the online manual:
  8. He's the kind of guy who could discuss the most mundane and commonplace topic and make it sound like the most exciting thing in the world. I don't think I've ever seen anybody else with such infectious enthusiasm.
  9. Mountain Man

    Couldn't Make The Airport

    Really? Cars on roads have been a feature in consumer flight sims for years. I'm pretty sure even Flight Simulator X had a rudimentary traffic system, and X-Plane 10 certainly had them.
  10. Mountain Man

    GPU(?) Upgrade

    Conventional wisdom for computer upgrades has always been get the fastest hardware with the most memory that you can afford.
  11. Mountain Man

    XPlane 10 or 11 poll.

    X-Plane 11 looks better and runs better than X-Plane 10.
  12. Mountain Man

    Prepar3d as secondary sim?

    Instead of spending money on add-ons, spend the money on putting together the best computer you can so you can max-out XP11. I think that would have the best long-term payoff.
  13. Mountain Man

    Prepar3d as secondary sim?

    To be fair, the P3D EULA explicitly states that it is not intended for the home user or as entertainment software, and I suspect it is priced accordingly. Even X-Plane's professional edition carries a substantially higher price tag than its home-use version.
  14. Mountain Man

    X-Plane 11 for sale

    This would be a question for Laminar Research. I don't think anybody here knows the answer, and we certainly can't speak for the developer.
  15. Mountain Man

    Just outrageous frame rates!

    I learned a long time ago that the best way to enjoy X-Plane is to turn the framerate display off and just fly.