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  1. We do provide scenery developers the ability to integrate with TerraMAXX for seasonal variants.....
  2. Yeah I picked it up myself, definitely worth every penny....
  3. Moderators I'm the developer, just want to point out how TM works so there is no confusion..... If you chose the 5gb or over option TM installs normal maps over the terrain which brings some nice elements into the sim like better specular highlights, and more detailing and shadowing. This option has a bit of a performance hit. If you want to keep it activated try messing with the texture settings in the XP rendering options.... The less than 5gb option will not activate the Normal Maps and should operate close to default..... XA made the installer "smart'" so if you do decide normals are too heavy you can re run it to disable them... Thanks for your interest guys!
  4. Now this is a big if but I'd like to collaborate with ortho2xp in the future along with third party airport designers... It's definitely new ground and one I want to grow for the sake of the community...
  5. Yes! It will work with the v4 mesh..
  6. Oh I want to add I'm somewhat wrong about the IP address, it checks a few things....
  7. Actually incidents of piracy are increasing and yes it's a huge problem.... Tony switching doesnt lock you out either you get 3 activations and as long as it's coming out from the same IP you're good, no matter what os you use....Now if you used your 3 activations again submit a ticket and it will be resolved....
  8. Selling through them Ive inquired on numerous issues that have popped up recently, not all but the vast majority fall into these categories: 1.Piracy 2.Not waiting the stated 72hr response time or submitting multiple tickets and getting pushed to the bottom of the list. 3.Issue is resolved, but reply was put into a spam folder. 4.Out right lying, person was either not a customer or they didn't submit a ticket. From what I've seen, and yes I'm very concerned, this issue isn't what people are making it out to be. With that said XA is reworking the system to give users more control over the DRM system and more flexibility when users update and upgrade. This should help vastly speed up the activation process and knock out a bunch of these issues. I will also note I've been selling through XA for about 3 years and change and I've never seen any misdeeds on their behalf. But to play devil's advocate here, with recent growth in the market it's time to update activations for a better overall customer experience.....
  9. Cameron replied over at x-pilot and nohedidnt suggest V4.....
  10. Those robber barrons! Well nothing could be further from the truth SES yes we are still working on V4 and nobody is hiding...When we are ready we will talk about it.... Sorry you feel the way you do, but that's ok I don't know what kind of input we could add to to this discussion to any benefit..... Our efforts have been talked about and the V4 updates are listed on the product page, it's totally up to the consumer to decide...And many have decided on SMP and still do daily.....
  11. Let's goto 80k and pump the FOV to 150deg and post a screenshot......good try.....
  12. Wow! Very nice thanks for sharing
  13. jspahn

    X-Enviro is OUT

    Jason just gave me a hand here; http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/12016-skymaxx-v40-beta-high-altitude-shots/ A couple shots under different conditions
  14. jspahn

    X-Enviro is OUT

    Absolutely correct it isn't difficult at all..... My goal isn't to hyjack a thread about a competing product either, I just decided to reply since we were mentioned... Also out of respect for the rules here at AVSIM I refrain from advertising our product...