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  1. horani

    Aerosoft A320/321 Released

    Thank you, I thought so.
  2. horani

    Aerosoft A320/321 Released

    Exactly my question as well.
  3. Stanislaw, I will for sure buy it and I hope to see more of your sceneries for XP -
  4. horani

    Looking for a VA

  5. horani

    Virtual airline -British airlines

    He did not say HIS English name....
  6. horani


    As already explained by IXEG - reversed switches as per Lufthansa config. I believe they will release the plane with standard (non-reversed) switches.
  7. horani


    Truly amazing attention to detail!
  8. Maybe something like this? http://asn-xp.aerosoft.com/?page_id=4554
  9. +1! Most people here have no idea how has X Plane developed in just last couple of weeks/months. The true story here is the add ons available for FSX. Bare FSX is so much worse than bare X Plane. As these add ons started to come to X Plane, there is no other advantage remaining for FSX. Maybe there are no proper season textures in X Plane YET. However there is much higher immersion of seasonal flying there. Let's take PMDG's 777 during winter storm to cross the Atlantic. You'll see nice winter textures on the ground during your taxi and takeoff and maybe some snow flakes while climbing. That is the whole pilot's immersion. And the only thing freezing will be your screen. Do the same with FF's 777 on X Plane. Yes, you'll miss some white color on the ground, but you will sweat yourself trying to avoid the red areas on your weather radar (we do have one in XPX), handling turbulence and dealing with icing. I have FSX installed and do enjoy both (well, the X Plane a little bit more). The thing is, that the FSX is obsolete and cannot survive in comparison with modern, 64 bit, advanced platforms.
  10. LES Saab 340A = PMDG quality in X-Plane. What an amazing add-on!
  11. Got it - That would be great, however as the FlightFactor 777 is quite good, I'd rather have the NGX for X-Plane done by PMDG.