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Hows it going everyone? hope all is well. I am considering starting a VA. But i need some feedback cause i am kinda stuck in the middle of two ideas.

1.) Is create a complete custom Va using smaller airports to build them up like in the real world but focusing on having fun and enjoying the hobby rather than lots of restrictions. Using top notch fleet with the great payware that is out and whatever the future has in store for us. Having routes going around world. etc.


2.) Creating a free flying enviorment. using real world routes from places from like flightaware but being able to insert whatever aircraft the pilot wanted as long as it could make the flight safetly. Also being able to general aviation and cargo.


Any tips, feedback, comments are welcome.



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yeah i will make sure to get paints for freeware cause that would be unfair or if people that joined new how to paint they would be more than welcome to do so.

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