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Squares of LC in the ocean. Trying to use Ground2K4 (!)

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I have never got on with this programme - it seems so user unfriendly, always wanting to generate errors instead of bgl files, even though I follow the procedures to the letter.


I have set up my Ground2K4 project as usual and have a valid workspace, with bmp map and co-ordinates. To create WC over a big square of Landclass in the ocean, I either click F1 and then choose LOD13 Water in the right-hand pane (Invert Mask/LWM) - what do I select in the Fill1x1/LWM pane though, Water (Flatten) or Land? Whichever, the result is the same (failure). Or, I choose WC and then click on the map selecting the waterclass type I want. Then save..


When I try bgl generation I get an error (I expect them, no matter what I do). See screenshot. I tried replacing the resample.exe (what is 'resampleV11.exe'??) with the one from the terrain_SDK, but same result.


As so often, hours spent pointlessly with Ground2K4. Is there a simpler way to get rid of squares of LC in the sea?


Many thanks for any help








LOD = 5
DestDir = "E:\FS9 Utilities\Ground2K4\Temp\"
DestBaseFileName = "landclass"
UseSourceDimensions = 1
Type = WaterClassU8
SourceDir = "E:\FS9 Utilities\Ground2K4\Temp\"
SourceFile = "FicRaw.raw"
Lat = -2.8125
Lon = 52.5
NumOfCellsPerLine =  257
NumOfLines =  257
CellXdimensionDeg = .0146484375
CellYdimensionDeg = .010986328125

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For FS9 I would take a look at SBuilder. I believe there is a zip on which includes all the changes and instructions on getting it running.


scott s.


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I'll have a look.. thanks.


Anybody any idea what the problem is with resample.exe? I have done most of the work in Ground2K4 - a pity I can't now get the programme to generate the bgl file.

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I reinstalled Ground2K4 - should have done so before I guess, and now the resample.exe works fine  and  the bgl file deletes the square of landclass too....


All's well that ends well I guess..

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BTW .. why do I get two bgl files created, one in the folder I designated when I set up my project, which has 'LWM' in the title (and which does nothing in the sim) and one with the name I selected in my project setup and which appears in the Ground2K4 programme folder (and is the one which does the trick)? What's the 'LWM' bgl file for? Just for my continuing education in these matters ...

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