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HUD Control Panel

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So I fly the NG for AA, which uses the HUD and I love it, I've learned how to understand everything I'm seeing and use it my advantage but I have a couple of questions.

I see we have 3 modes to display. PRI, IMC, VMC. I noticed that VMC gives you no Flight Directors and very little amounts of info, I assuming so that you can see clearly for Visual approaches and such. At what other times would you use this mode, in cruise or visual approaches, do pilots only use it during Handflying or during automation. Second question is IMC, why would you chose IMC over PRI, I mean don't you want all the important, relavent infomation right in your eye like the way PRI gives you? Again, when is it used when is it not. PRI, this is the one I use the most, during automation and during handflying, it gives me a nice "six pack" and my insturment scan is very easy and "tight".



Anyways, the question is a little all of over the place but I dont know how else to ask, I just want to know when these modes or used and when they are not. i have the Rockwell Collins manual but it doesn't give much information about Operationg the a Company SOP would, another question is when do you have to use the HUD, for T/O and LND up to FL100 or have it down all the time. Anyways if a real world user of this thing could help me out that would be awesome. Thanks guys!!!

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Do you mean you fly the NGX for AAv?


If the HGS is installed, the company will develop standard operating procedures usually derived from the AFM. The op procedures are likely to differ between airlines due differing operational requirements.


Personally I have PRI for take-off, IMC above altitudes of 7,000ft, then either IMC, PRI, VMC or AIII (listed in order of preference) depending on the approach. Combiner down from gate to gate and blanked (CLR) while taxiing to and away from the dep/arr runway.

Brian Nellis.

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