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DCS: F-18c

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"Hey why so quiet lately, what are you up to these days??" - Basically a question i've been getting a couple of times, so here's a quick update:
What i've been up to? Well, it's summer!  So basically i've just been enjoying my time off work, and of course, been enjoying summer! On the movie front, well... my focus has already shiftet towards making Project 18, and I'm thinking of making a little teaser for that movie already (and no, don't ask questions regarding DCS F-18, or whatever it will be called, as there is no news on that front yet).
If the music I have chosen for the movie is final (which i now believe it is), this movie will be over 9 minutes long, and that is quite long for a promo movie. But trust me when I say this: The music I have chosen is better than anything I've ever done before, and the movie will of course be bigger than Project 10.
Expect lots of epic action and drama, sceenic views, calm sections, thrills, a little speech thrown in there, and maybe even some goosebumps! 
Cheers guys and gals!

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