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Where to fill missing scenery gaps

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Hello everyone!

I've been wondering where one can find... atypical sceneries. Since my return to FSX, I've been raiding Simmarket again for scenery and aircraft, as it was the only site I remembered from back in my 2004 days. However, I've noticed that even a lot of mainline things aren't even on Simmarket (a decent KLAX comes to mind). I have found a few things I wanted that I got from alternative sources (FSDT's KJFK & KLAX, FullTerrain's ORBX Wales and PMDG's 737NGX for example), but there's still tons of things I'm looking for. I've done a search on the forum, but I seem to be unable to find a "megathread", if you will, that gives people advice on where to find even more add-on scenery/airports. For example, I wouldn't have found out about Eaglesoft being such a huge bizjet developer, had I not asked around about it. 

As a result, I'd like to ask everyone to add sceneries they've added and where they found it that isn't standard fare. Personally, I'm looking for scenery/airports for the Asia/Asia-Pacific region, but I'd be glad to hear about other regions/airplanes, ... anything not listed on fspilotshop/simmarket, really.  ^_^ I know AeroSim made a few good Airports for FSX in Japan, and this site has some good Japanese freeware too: . Other than that, I am at a total loss for additional scenery. 

On a related note: how -if even possible?- does one convert scenery from FS9 to FSX? I've noticed a group called Philskies releasing a lot of neat scenery for the Philippines, but all for FS9. Can it be converted to FSX? In any case, I'm eager to here where AVSIMmers went to find the scenery/airports/airplanes they wanted!  :lol: 


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Hi Ray,


Welcome back!  Have you checked out the AVSIM Links System?  There are links to every flight sim website in the world.  Here is a link to one of my favorite websites you can find in the Links System -  A lot of people like Flight One to purchase software as they have a 30 day money back guarantee.


FS9 Scenery is backwards compatible with FSX.  If, for some odd reason it is not compatible, there's a utility called AddonConverterX you can get through FlightOne.  You can run it in demo mode to see if it works first before buying.  If you decide to upgrade to DX10 and still use textures from DX9, then this is a must buy.  It converts textures on the fly and does not save them.  Once you complete the flight, the textures revert back to the old.  It works most of the time.  There are still some incompatibilities with some FS9 scenery.  The DX10 forum has a list of most of the incompatibilities found.


Best regards,


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