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  1. Sunaru

    TWA by request

    If the globe livery referred to is the final demise livery, then +1 for me! If it's the double globe livery, I would prefer the demise livery first. But that's just me.
  2. Sunaru

    Pacific Islands Simulations

    >They haven't closed and RPLL is still on its way. Hooray! This news has made me so happy, I'll get Rarotonga & KSLC as well now probably! It's always upsetting to land your PAL fleet in Manila coming from anywhere else in the Philippines or Singapore, only to land in a generic airport after all these years. It's also great to hear it's nothing serious (as far as we may know), so it's all good news. :lol:
  3. Sunaru

    Pacific Islands Simulations

    I hope they'll at least finish RPLL and other running projects. They had all the groundwork done, and they were working on T1. It seemed to be coming along nicely for a Q4 2013 release. A lot of people at the PFSG were looking forward to it. It'd be great to have it done at their quality; I find myself flying to Chubu very often, just because of the airport. :lol:
  4. Sunaru

    Pacific Islands Simulations

    ... Words fail me. I was IMMENSELY looking forward to their RPLL scenery seeing as I had built up quite the PAL fleet. Guess I'll have to wait some more for someone to finally give Manila some love. :( I'd be more emphatic to whatever caused them to shut down, but the way they quit/the farewell message is so blunt and out of nowhere I'm really not given much to go on. If it really is a family emergency or some other dramatic event, it's beyond saying that I hope all goes well for them; but if it's a small company that just decided it had enough, I'll be deeply upset they didn't at least finish RPLL/their running projects. It wouldn't be the first time this happens, a small group that starts ambitiously on a project, only to vanish after a while with all the effort/manhours down the drain. Their forums have closed as well, so I guess they're really calling it quits?
  5. Sunaru

    Aerosim's 787 for FSX released

    These are some really ludicrous claims that are being made. Merely because it's a lite and low-fidelity rendition of the airplane priced at normal pricing for the country it was made in, claims are being made of the developers being on crack, the product being downright "crap"... Not every add-on is PMDG's detail level, and not every developer is PMDG. Besides, there's devs that nickle and dime you much more than Aerosim like Abacus or CLS or, if I'm to be brash, a certain Captain (if you don't put in the added effort to make it work).
  6. I'm not even all that perturbed anymore. The 757 was a must for me upon my return to flight simming, but QW's 757 has a decent enough fidelity for me to at least do line flights. It's my go to "relaxation" airplane when I don't want to bother with all the systems and just fly; a perfect role for my favorite plane.
  7. Sunaru

    Best Bush Aircraft

    In all fairness though, the TwOtter as is and the TwOtter Extended are like the 744 and the 744v2; it's not as if the TwOtter is completely useless and outdated. He/Anyone could still give it a whirl and derive tons of enjoyment out of it. But I do get your point and apologize! ^_^
  8. Sunaru

    Best Bush Aircraft

    ... I honestly can't believe I'm the only one suggesting Aerosoft's TwOtter Extended (or V2 or whatever they're calling it). Get it when it releases -which it will soon-, it's shaping up to be fantastic.
  9. I've heard a lot of positives about Feelthere's ERJ 135/145, although I haven't been able to get it myself yet. If you're willing to see the Avro RJ as a regional jet rather than short-haul, QualityWings' Ultimate BAe146/Avro RJ Collection blows it out of the water though, a statement I can make without owning the ERJ just because it's that good and much more recent, so it could win on better graphics alone.
  10. Sunaru

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Could anyone do a fictitious Philippine Airlines 737-700 repaint? Pictures are of a 737-400, but it should help give an idea. I'd love the registration to be RP-C552. If anyone is interested in doing this, I'd be ecstatic! If there's a PAL repaint already made in these 297 pages, I'll be happy to download that one as well of course. ^_^
  11. Sunaru

    MJC Q400 Repaint Thread

    PAL Express? I'm trying to get all the planes I flew irl (which is coming along nicely) and a lot of Philippine Airlines planes because I love the tail (which is coming along.... nearly non-existantly). I'd like the PAL Express Q400...
  12. Sunaru

    QW's Avro vs. Majestic's Dash8

    I can't help but concur with that part. The 757 felt rather... easy, even for a "simplified" plane designer. The Avro however feels like a plane with some meat on it; not as much as a "realistic" plane designer like PMDG or the likes, but it has enough to keep you busy (or at least happy while looking around/at it) whilst looking better all round as well. The positive evolution makes me pretty excited for the 787 as well, just like you! On topic though: I think it really depends on your preference and what you expect of the planes going in, which is really the only comparison you can make between a turboprop and a 4 engine jet. If you want the QW Avro to be a quaint little jet of lore that gives you the nice ability to get going quickly -yet give you the idea you're piloting a plane and not pushing overly simplified buttons in a game- it won't disappoint. If you expect it to be a complex simulator like the 737NGX that takes months to master and has all the official bells and whistles; turn around and save yourself the disappointment. The same applies in the opposite direction (based on what I've heard from other people), as in that if you expect a fleshed out, detailed turboprop out of the Dash Q400, you'll be pleased. But expect a turboprop you can mess around with, and you'd be upset. Personally, I'd say the Avro because of that. Why? Because I feel that the fully fleshed out simulation is best left for the Queen of the Skies, or other "heavy material". If you're in a plane that's going to do intercontinental flights, it's great to have the full checklists and all bells and whistles. But if you're in a feederliner that usually does things like London - Brussels, I'd much rather just hop in, do a brief setup and get going.