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AeroBridge's KCGX V2

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Not sure if this has already been posted. 


KCGX is now available for v9 and v10.

Aerobridge Studios-Meigs Field

Developed and designed by : Peter Tram, John Spahn, Juan Menedez
Manual : Peter Tram
Photography: Online resources
Version 2.0

Merrill C. Meigs Field Airport (IATA: CGX, ICAO: KCGX) was a single strip airport that operated from December 1948 until March 2003. It was built on Northerly Island, the man-made peninsula that was also the site of the 1933–1934 Century of Progress in Chicago. The airport achieved international notoriety when Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley ordered city crews to bulldoze the runway at night, and without the 30-day advance warning required by FAA regulations.

From Wikipedia

This release is a major update to the first release


- Photorealistic ground
- Highly detailed airport buildings.
- Photorealistic textures
- Realistic asphalt textures in runways and taxiways
- Real-world airport lighting shades
- Main buildings include real night textures
- Authentic Vegetation


Please contact us by emailing to aerobridge1nfo@gmail.com
or by questioning us here on X-Pilot

Aerobridge Studios reserves all rights.Educational use, business use or
commercial use, without a proper license is prohibited. Please contact
us for license arrangements.Copying content for personal or other use
not covered by the license is prohibited.


What's New in Version V2 (See full changelog)
  • First update-includes v10 of the scenery and some texture upgrades


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The Meigs Field area was what really impressed me in XPX when it was first released, but the performance was horrible back then,

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