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First off, my intention is not to repeat a question that has been previously answered, but I am so confused at this point that I don't know what to do to be cleared for a STAR. I'm sorry if I have repeated a question.


I'm using Aivlasoft EFB and the online RouteFinder service to generate and plan my flight plans.


I do understand that your flight plan must have the common end point of a SID and entry point for a STAR to be cleared via a SID or STAR.

I've been testing the SID and STAR procedure with a short flight from KBHM to KSDF.

VOXATC always assigns be the BHM5 departure from KBHM without conflict. The problem comes with the STAR into KSDF.

RouteFinder said that my STAR transition point was the BWG VOR. As I approached that point and descended, I was never cleared for a STAR or a runway. I was vectored instead to the ILS for 17R. I had previously hit "0" and requested descent for arrival in the VOXATC menu. Maybe that was wrong.

I need someone smarter than me to tell me what waypoint I need to put in my flight plan to be cleared for a STAR at any airport and specifically for KSDF. Is it supposed to be the IAF or some other waypoint? I'm confused about this. Is BWG even close to what should be there?

Thanks so much in advance.

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OP may have figured out an answer already, but I would note I had a problem being assigned sids/stars until i downloaded navdata and made sure all my addons were using it. On my flights I am usually assigned to a star shortly after crossing my final WP. I don't call in to start my decent. 

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