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New x plane discs and errors starting x plane

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Purchased x plane 10 . Loaded all discs . Downloaded new installer as instructed. Trying to run, get the following error message. upd socket read udp init failed. Message states the reason for error is because another copy of x plane is running. Have only one copy that has been loaded and will not let me in to do any new updates or anything other than the new installer. Any help, please. Have sent email to x plane support requesting help but no reply yet.


 MY pc  intel I7 running at 4.5   With fsx runs like butter . Never had any software loading errors in past. I am lost as to what could be causing this . Any ideas ? I must assume it is a server problem from x updates. Anyone else had this problem. Thanks for any assistance


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X-Plane is trying to bind to the Networking Stack on UDP port 49000/49001. It uses these ports for multiple-PC display setups.


Ensure you dont have any other software ruinning that is inhibiting this. Also check task manager (show all processes) and ensure there really isn't another copy of X-Plane.exe running anywhere. Also check any "defender" software which prevents programs from opening network sockets.


X-plane runs like butter on mine. I dont see how that's relevant tho....


Another user had an instant messaging application installed on his system (pigdin? i think) which also tries to use UDP 49000/49001. He turned that off....


This is not necessarily an X-Plane issue - it's merely requesting network resources from your operating system, and the operating system is refusing. Same thing would happen if you tried to load Skype or uTorrent, and had a port usage conflict.


X-Plane by default uses ports 49000, 49001, and 49002, and they're settable in the Ports tab of the network settings menu (if you can get it to load first!)

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