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The year of the 3 Sims...

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X-Plane10 and DCS World are, IMO, the sims of the year.

Both have been receiving from their devs a lot of attention and hard work in the background to make them as popular as possible, now that most (wrongly, I believe) feel FSX is perishing....

LM P3D is here too, and version 1.4 is as stable and good as I can ask. I actually use only P3D for the ESP platform, there being no advantage for me in keeping FSX Gold installed ( I have justa a few add-ons...)

I look forward for what X-Plane10 will still bring since there are a few aspects really requiring more attention from LR (visibility, seasonal textures, ATC and AI traffic,...), but at the same time I look forward for the announcement of LM's P3D v2 which we already know will, at least, bring DirectX12 into play. Apparently ORBX might be working in the background with LM to produce the base scenery for the upcoming general flight sim of the Prepar3d series.

But we needed fresh air, and PMDG, through the words, spoken and written, of Robert Randazzo, surely gave us plenty of fresh air already twice this year, first with Robert's enthusiastic words regarding the cooperation they're having at PMDG with Laminar Research, which means they are seriously considering X-Plane as yet another platform of the future, but also yesterday with the latest info on the about to be released T7.

Then, let's not forget DCS World, a sim I use because I do consider it has, by far, the most realistic flight dynamics (and systems - military - too) of any flightsim, is about to release v1.2.5, and continue with additional very promissing add-ons, aircraft and scenery (my only problem with this sim being the fact that I do not use it for what it is supposed to be used - air combat - and so, I end up using it less than I wanted to...).

For a simmer this can be overwhelming. Having to manage 3 (for some 4) simulators at the same time is quite a task - I can barely use more than 1... but I finally managed to somehow distribute my simmer time between X-Plane10 and LM Prepar3d v1.4....

The fresh air brought by the recent T777 post by Robert, Orbx's July release of their Global scenery package, v1.2.5 soon to be released by ED for DCS World, and the recent announcement of additional very promising aircraft add-ons, and of how the final version of their excellent UH-1H will be, and X-Plane10's promising 10.30 release - which most think this will be the holy grail of X-Plane10... - plus the fact that I strongly believe (but that's my opinion only!!!) LM P3D will also be here to stay, and make v2 downward compatible, or at least allow for an easy upgrade of add-ons to their new platform, so that we can see the software houses starting to release P3D v2 versions of their add-ons soon after the release of that sim, make me further believe that, contrarily to what I initially thought, the next years will be made of not only one generic flight simulation platform dominating the market but rather at least 3, if not 4 just in case FSX / P3D v1,4 still keep receiving good add-ons to justify being kept by their users.

I believe that we should always think about what we want our sims for, instead of doing opposite - buying them because it's the new kid in town, and then start thinking - what am I going to do with this, or... how can I do with this what I did with that....

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