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Observation I made when fsx fails to start w/sweet-fx

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I was working on a dx10 sweet-fx preset today using 'sweet-fx configurator' to make quick changes on-the-fly (I hit the 'pause;break' button to refresh changes while playing). After getting a weird CTD (terrain.dll) (I was constantly changing planes which could cause the ctd) fsx failed to start anymore... throwing an 'api.dll' appcrash. This already happened to me in the past, but since it didn't occur that much I couldn't recall how I fixed this issue. Well, straight to the point.. what happens is, when you configure sweet-fx and fsx suddenly ctds.. the file: SweetFX_settings.txt gets corrupted!

Replacing it with a new one, fixes the problem immediately! There's no need to reset your fsx.cfg or any of that.

What I learn from this? Always backup your SweetFX_settings.txt before initiating modifications.

I hope this helps for anyone encountering this problem and finding this thread on Google.  ^_^

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Uninstalling that dreaded KB2670838 officially fixed my d3d11.dll error! YAY! :)


Btw! When you uninstall this KB, make sure you RESTART as soon as it prompts you to! If you don't, the KB might not be removed! I was posting earlier that I had a terrain.dll appcrash.. well it happened with the KB still in the system (I uninstalled it, but didn't restart as soon as it prompted!). Later, I noticed the KB was still there and only then I removed it, restarted (right away) and it was finally gone! My d3d11.dll CTD seems to be gone after a long session involving with constant changing of aircrafts, weather and time of the day! I was also refreshing sfx many times and it proved stable! So far so good, I just hope it keeps this way!


However, I'm still annoyed with dx10... no tool tips @ full screen.. tried the autokey solution but it's jerky (got annoyed with it after 5 minutes) and some objects in scenery seem to shimmer a bit.. actually, it's something I'd live with but the tool tips is annoying.


Anyone who has a somewhat similar spec to mine should download the june 2013 updates from my sig and try. It contains 2 cfgs, one for dx9 and one for dx10. You'll have to edit in your graphics card display line, change the res should the need arise and apply either dx9 or dx10 sweetfx preset.



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Yes, I posted that in the SweetFX thread here a while back as one of the members here had discovered this in the CTD Forum.  The KB is a requirement for IE10 and it will be installed again (and again) if you have Windows Update turned on with automatic updates so be careful.  You may want to uninstall IE10 and go back to IE9 until Microsoft fixes IE10.


Best regards,


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I've set my updates on selective so it doesn't auto-install any of them but yes, you're right about this 100%. I'm so happy I could finally fiddle with dx10 without having a ctd! Can't wait to see what new updates Steve will bring! :)

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