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Autoenvironment with PMDG 747

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Hey guys, does anyone have Autoenvironment working ok with PMDG 747. I have installed it, and it is kind of working ok, but some issues are bothering me. The engine exhaust smoke is not visible on all engines, i.e. you can see it on the engines on the left wing or on the engines on the right wing, but never all together. Also, I am not seeing any wingtip vortices, not sure if this is weather dependent. Also I see some bugs, like the tail logo light flickering time to time, even in the day time when it is off. Any tips would be very useful, thanx.

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Hi Alex.


Failure to show up on one side usually means that the entries in the aircraft.cfg file are not right - this is actually the commonest issue people have. This can also affect the other lights which might account for the tail light flicker, as Autoenvironment doesn't make any changes to your other default lights.


Can you post the [lights] section of your aircraft.cfg so I can have a look?




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Hey Martyn,


Thank you very much for your response. I have just followed the provided instructions in the manual for adding the lights, gauges into panel.cfg and aircraft.cfg settings. I was wondering if there are people around who managed to suit the autoenvironment for their 747 PMDG. Have you ever tested it on this model?




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No, but I use it routinely with the PMDG 737-800 and -900 - it works perfectly, so I doubt that it's an incompatibility with PMDG. If you are only getting engine exhaust on one side then something's up with the location parameters in the [lights] section. For example, here are the settings for the Posky 744 that I fly:


light.15 =  9, -22.9, -70.2, -2.5, fx_fanengine_heavy , //port outboard
light.16 =  9, 6.9, -40.5, -6.0, fx_fanengine_heavy , //port inboard
light.17 =  9, 6.9, 40.5, -6.0, fx_fanengine_heavy , //starboard inboard
light.18 =  9, -22.9, 70.2, -2.5, fx_fanengine_heavy , //starboard outboard


Note the minus signs: these are important. The first figure after the '9' in each line is the horizontal location for the effect, the second is the lateral location and the third, the vertical. If the scaling of the two models is roughly comparable (and I can't tell because I don't have the PMDG), the only one of these you might need to change to get them roughly in the right place is the first one.

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Well, the problem is, sometimes I see the smoke out the engines on the left wing and sometimes on the right wing. In fact, what confuses me most is that the installations instructions are not too clear. The package I have downloaded from Simviation contains a readme file that reads:

Summary of panel.cfg additions for copy/paste operations:

Gauge+1=Autoenv_MB!Autoland, W,X,Y,Z
Gauge+1=Autoenv_MB!VNAVA, W,X,Y,Z
Gauge+1=Autoenv_MB!VNAVD, W,X,Y,Z
Gauge+1=Autoenv_MB!LightsAutosmoke9789, 0,0
Gauge+1=Autoenv_MB!Autovortex, 0,0
Gauge+1=AutoEnv!Auto_off2, 0,0
Gauge+1=AutoEnv!Auto_N1warn, 0,0
Gauge+1=Autoenv_MB!Autocabin, 472,385,25,25
Gauge+1=dsd_xml_autocabin!dsd_xml_sound2, 2,2,5, 5, .\Sound\autocabin\autocabin.cfg

Those lines I added to panel.cfg

And then in the PDF comes the following:


copy ‘autosmoke’ folder to FS ‘gauges’ folder

But such folder is no where in the .zip file I have downloaded. What I have in the "Gauges" distribution folder is:

- dsd_xml_autocabin.gau

Those I copied into my FS Gauges folder. Not sure if this all is right.

The rest I did is to use the settings provided in the PDF instruction model for 747 aircraft.

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