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  1. Well, both default ATC and the captain speak out. Thanks for your response I will check that source.
  2. Hi Guys, This may been asked before but sorry for being lazy to search and dig. So, is there a way to replace the ATC and crew/captain voices in FS9 with custom pack? If so, which is best way?
  3. You all migrated to FSX? LOL, joking. Come on, share some thoughts on this.
  4. Hey guys and gals, happy 2014 to you all. Not sure if there is such topic around, at least I do not see a recent one. Ok, if you are interested, put your top 5 of airport scenery's that are also having top notch scenery for the city area where the airport is located, i.e KJFK with NYC area, something like DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - MIAMI CITY 2012 FS2004 . Of course, the makers of the airport and the city area may not be the same. Here you go, cheers.
  5. You do not need more than 60 miles view distance. Also, install FSUIPC to tweak visibility in different weather and get good realism results.
  6. Check for scenery duplication in your FS9 Scenery Library.
  7. air-source.us or fsairlines.net for online experience
  8. Hey mate, first, you have posted this topic twice, that should be sorted by the board admins, I guess. Second, I think you should get this to the board where they deal with scenery builds etc. As far as I know, there is a way of manually converting sceneries from FSX to FS9 but I do not have a clue how the magic happens and I am not sure anyone here knows a magic tool that can do the trick. Though, I would be happy to know how you can do that. Cheers
  9. Thanx for your replies mates, I will give it a try as soon as I get back from vacation, Link to Ed's gauge? Please
  10. Sorry to be a brat, but... no one of you having a wingtip vortices addon in his FS9?
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