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  1. microlight

    Groundhandling in P3Dv4

    The gauge won't run because I already have the 2017 C++ redistributables installed, and my PC won't allow me to install the necessary 2015 version because they're older than what I have installed! Anybody got any suggestions?
  2. microlight

    P3Dv3 - VC Cockpit Stutter every 2 Sec..

    I had regular stutters in both FSX and P3Dv2.4 Tried all sorts of cfg tweaks, nothing worked. Then I turned off 'autosave' in FSUIPC and hey presto, no more stutters. So yes, something going on in the background.
  3. Hi all. Just found Rob's thread on this in the Tips and Tricks forum; unfortunately the link to the replacement cloud.fx file no longer works. If this file is still available, can anyone help please? Many thanks, Martyn
  4. microlight

    Wonderful FSX performance - but...

    Ok, tried a new flight from ground level and the stutter was still there. Then I changed the affinity mask to Bert's suggestion, put the antivirus on gaming mode, and it seems to be slightly improved. Not gone, but improved. As Ian noted, priority seems to make no difference. The explorations continue!
  5. microlight

    Wonderful FSX performance - but...

    All, Thanks for your input, and for the helpful suggestions. SAX 702, it happened anywhere. Any location, simple or complex airports. Bert, my affinity mask is set at 126, which I understand is correct for a hyperthreaded i7 quad. I tried the calculator on the Gatwick FSG page (http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=hardware) which gave me a value of 84, but this value just showed the full-screen view on the top left quadrant of my screen! Using 126 has all eight cores (four real, four virtual) active in Task Manager, with 1 reserved for the Windows background processes, whereas setting it at 14 only activates the four real cores. Cianpars, I put Avast antivirus into silent/gaming mode, put fsx.exe at high execution priority and then sat and watched it for a few minutes, and I didn't see any stutters, so I'll try it out more fully tomorrow and report back. Cheers, Martyn
  6. Hi all. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I travel a lot, so I invested in a fast i7 quad core/Nvidia GTX760/8Gb RAM laptop so that I can take the simulator with me. Using the AVSIM set-up guide, I have it running very smoothly indeed, and mainly fly around the UK using ORBX scenery, both in small jetliners and a Piper Warrior, as I learned to fly in one of those. I'm also using Active Sky Next and REX. The only fly in the ointment is that every maybe half a minute to a minute and a half (it varies), I get a stutter lasting a fraction of a second, which seems to happen more frequently on the ground. The only tweaks I've added to the cfg.file are the highmem fix, and a [jobscheduler] section (to optimise how many cores I'm using) and [bufferpools] for the autogen. I've removed both of these additional entries: no effect. I've systematically gone through the options in the display settings, sliding them to the left one by one: no effect. I even tried the Bojote tweaking tool, and that only made it worse. Don't get me wrong: my FSX sim is better than it's ever been, and I'd be ecstatically happy with it - if only it didn't do that occasionaly falter. Any ideas? Thanks for your input. Martyn
  7. microlight

    Real life route planner

    Have you tried www.flightsimaviation.com?
  8. microlight

    Force feedback gone

    Hi Luis. Of course! I plugged the rumblepad in, and it was recognised, and I was so keen to get going that I neglected to install the Logitech gaming software that came with the rumblepad. It's done now, and the force feedback tab now appears in the FSX menus - many thanks for your help! Cheers.
  9. microlight

    Force feedback gone

    Hi all. Can anyone help me with a conundrum? I've run FSX passably on a Sony laptop (Win7, 64-bit) for a couple of years: not great but better than nothing as I travel a lot. I've used a Logitech rumble pad, which has force feedback and which has worked fine. Then a couple of weeks ago, I traded up to a Chillblast Tiger Moth laptop (also Win7, 64-bit) to improve the FSX experience (which it certainly has done - and how!). Same original copy of FSX Gold - but now the force feedback doesn't work with the same Logitech rumble pad. The tab in the controls section for force feedback in FSX, there on the Vaio, doesn't appear at all in the menus on the Tiger Moth. I've investigated as far as I can in FSX, but I can't get any clue as to why there's a difference. Can anyone help? Cheers!
  10. microlight

    Enigma Sim/Quality Wings 737 Beta

    Hi Samson. As Kevin said, the FS9 Enigma 737-300 (visual and flight models, plus some liveries) was only available as a beta download from the Enigma site for a limited time, around 2011. Although it runs in FSX, it was a native FS9 visual model, so that it's not possible to merge a VC with it. Follow the story on the QualityWings forums to see how the FSX project is progressing. Cheers, Martyn
  11. microlight

    auto brakes not working

    Thanks, glad it's fixed.
  12. microlight

    auto brakes not working

    Can you add to our knowledge by telling us how you fixed it?;)
  13. microlight

    auto brakes not working

    Hm, interesting.Anyone else having trouble out there with autobraking after an iFly 737 install? :(
  14. microlight

    auto brakes not working

    Are you using the default panel with the default 737? I just tried that combination, and the autobrake works as designed.One notable bug in FS9 with the autobrakes is that they don't work IF you have more than three wheel contact points in the aircraft.cfg file. This was (and is) a common problem with Posky planes because even on 737s, they would provide a contact point for each wheel rather than each pair of wheels in the tricycle, making for six contact points - and then the autobrakes don't work. I haven't got the iFly 737 but maybe you could check that it only has three wheel contact points in the cfg file. If not, then that may be your problem, because if you load that plane, and then fly the default (or any other) planes after it in the same FS session, the sim may be 'remembering' the contact point configuration and then apply it to whatever you fly.Worth a look.;)
  15. microlight

    A good flight planner freeware program

    I use FS Navigator 3.0, which is freeware. Designed for FS98, its database was updated for FS2000, and it's still >99% accurate for FS9. Not difficult to find if you google for it.;)