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  1. The gauge won't run because I already have the 2017 C++ redistributables installed, and my PC won't allow me to install the necessary 2015 version because they're older than what I have installed! Anybody got any suggestions?
  2. I had regular stutters in both FSX and P3Dv2.4 Tried all sorts of cfg tweaks, nothing worked. Then I turned off 'autosave' in FSUIPC and hey presto, no more stutters. So yes, something going on in the background.
  3. I use FS Navigator 3.0, which is freeware. Designed for FS98, its database was updated for FS2000, and it's still >99% accurate for FS9. Not difficult to find if you google for it.;)
  4. Arjan Scheffel's 737NG panel is well worth trying. It's bundled with Erick Cantu's Kittyhawk 737-800 model (here http://www.wspilots.com/index.php?page=4&a...e&file_id=2170) and is a chunky download at 50 MB, but is well worth investigating. I routinely use this panel in tandem with FS Navigator, if I'm not using the PMDG panel.Or you could look at Giles Hacon's 737NG panel on the Posky website. Not as detailed or complete, but also worth a look.;)
  5. Couple of suggestions:- make sure that the NAV/GPS selector is set to NAV, or the autopilot will not detect localizer or glideslope- always intercept the localizer first, and approach the glideslope from beneath.Hope this helps.;)
  6. Hi Andy!Not having much luck, huh.Unfortunately I don't think there's much you can do to remove the cabin - it's hard-coded into the model. The only thing I can suggest is to look around the web for the earlier Meljet model that has a less extensive cabin. If you could find it, at least it wouldn't be so intrusive.Good luck!;)
  7. I mainly use a merge of the Posky 736 with the PMDG NG panel, which works pretty well (except for one warning message that I can't get rid of.)Otherwise, Giles Hacon's panel is good (on the Posky homepage) or Arjan Scheffel's, which I think you can get at wspilots.com.;)
  8. Jeff,The models included in the TMII package are not FFX, they were made by Terry Gaff. Erick Cantu's original FFX model was upgraded and is now available at his Vistaliners download page (http://www.eastern-va.com/vistaliners/downloads2.htm). The TMII package includes a flight dynamics set that can be used with this model.;)
  9. Humble pie time: apologies all - the file I referred to works with the NEW Kittyhawk Classic 737s, not the FFX versions that pre-dated them. The default MD83 file does indeed add textures to the crew - it's the MD_83_t.bmp file from the default AI MD83 (and texture folder within the md_83 sub-folder in the FS9 Aircraft folder).
  10. I had this exact problem - it's a missing texture in the FFX textures folders. If you download a Kittyhawk 737 (say the -700), then just copy the 737INTERIOR_T.bmp (and the associated _L) file to the FFX plane texture file for whichever livery you want, and a textured cockpit interior will appear.FFX and Kittyhawk both derive from Erick Cantu, which is why they're compatible - same mapping on the models.;)
  11. Must have been a blip - I have the project AI webpage open in another pane in Firefox right now, and downloaded a dozen or so repaints this afternoon.I've used a lot of Project AI packages for the 'big boys', but have just taken the plunge with Traffic Tools (for the first time since FS2002!) and have just populated south-western China with Sichuan Airlines planes, derived from Project AI liveries (from the PAI website), my pre-existing PAI models and the flight plans from the download section here. It was surprisingly easy.;)
  12. The 'world' in FS9 isn't a globe - it's a cylinder, so there are no poles as such, and the sim flight planner gets confused if you try to set up a course too close to the north or south poles. One of FS9's 'features'...Like your 38th symphony, by the way.;)
  13. You have to wonder whether Microsoft is in the process of cutting its losses with FSX, since they announced (and reported here on Avsim a couple of days ago, I think) that they were looking for programmers for the next iteration of FS.Like others, I'm still more than happy with FS9, for many reasons (not least of which is the fabulous TM2!). Everything I've got attached to it works like a dream on my XP (service pack 1! Yes!) setup. I continue to read the nightmare scenarios about Vista and what doesn't work on it, so I'll stay where I am for the foreseeable.Terry Gaff's models are terrific - and no wonder, if they were originally destined for payware - didn't know that.So thanks again Terry and Bob, for a great plane combination.;)
  14. Hi Helmsman.You need F1 View, a freeware module from Flight One, available here - http://www.flight1.com/view.asp?page=library.;)
  15. Don't forget that if you're having trouble getting off the runway then you also need to think about configuring your take-off trim - a few degrees up should do it.;)
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