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  1. If i could make a request, Southwest Airlines Maryland one. Yes i know there is one out. and i'm don't want to sound ungrateful about the one that is out. and I am aware that it takes time to create these beautiful works of art, but the current Maryland One livery has some flaws, such as the texture blurs up when zoomed out, the wheels should be different colors,and some other small details. I really don't want to sound ungrateful in any way. Also I though i saw that someone else was working on it and it looked rather well. What ever happened to that? Thanks in advance to anyone that accepts this request. Again I really don't want to sound ungrateful and i'm sure your all probably tired of southwest airlines requests.
  2. Hello all, this is my first post, so I hope I'm doing this right, but has anyone done the SWA old colors -700? I know there's a -600 but they never flew those and it's missing some details. Basically what's missing on the -600 is the heart on the side. I don't know if SWA had any -700's with out winglets in the old colors, they had the few the put in the mojave a while back but those were in the canyon blue and I'm sure by now they have winglets. But for the winglets on the old colors I found some with the southwest.com on them and some where its just on the outside of the Winglets and some with out them, so if anyone would be up to making this it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance -Samson
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