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New FSX Build

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I will be purchasing a desktop upgrade to run FSX. I currently am using an M18X, which cannot keep up with scenery, weather, etc. It has dual graphics cards, but of course, FSX doesn't like dual GPU and I am learning, is CPU driven. Here is what I am thinking of:


-Corsair Air 540D or NZXT H630. Both have excellent cooling options, but I read that H630 is quieter.

-4770K overclocked

-GTX 780 Superclocked

-2400MHZ ram 2 x 8GB (G.Skill)

-Seasonic Platinum 860 or 1000 watt PSU

-Swiftech H320 (3x120mm) all in one liquid cooler for cpu

-120GB SSD for operating system and other applications

-1TB (Samsung or Crucial) SSD for FSX and associated programs

-2TB Western Digital Black spinning drive for other data

-32 inch Sony Bravia 1080p TV as monitor

-Windows 8 Professional 64 bit


I am also considering a touch screen monitor to use as a control panel using a button screen created with WideFS and to host gauges, etc. I realize this is hardware, but if anyone knows of any discussion about WideFS button screens, a link would be most appreciated.


Where possible, I'll move as many applications off of the FSX computer and run them via network (WideFS Simmconnect, etc) on my notebook.


I would very much appreciate your guidance with respect to my hardware choices and configuration plans.


I will be using MyTraffic Pro 5.4 and Ground Services X for realism. REX, FTX Global, FS Global, UTX, OpusFSX for visuals. I realize this is the hardware forum and am including the software titles to put things into context.


I appreciate your help. Have a great day!


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Thanks for the reply. I will probably be using the machine for other games and the 780 has a lot of horsepower at about 2/3 the price of the Titan.

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